Monday, June 2, 2008


As promised, pictures of Plymouth. Let me set the scene...we arrive and the sun is blazing, nary a cloud in the sky. We find a waterside restaurant with minimal lines and ask for an outside table. We get one...hurray... on the open top level deck. As soon as we are seated we realize that the sun really hot and perhaps outside in the open was a mistake...but wait..look at those clouds coming in and feel that breeze. I ate my delicious Lobster Roll while watching the clouds darken and threaten and the breeze pick up. Just when we left we felt the first drops of what promised to be a doozy and then...nothing. Some of the following pix are Bob's ( they would be the "artsy" ones) . I shut off my flash because mine were looking bleached and the result is photos that are not very sharp. No comments please, after all you don't really know me well enough to question my intellectual capacity;).

The pictures are in no particular order:

A Seaside B&B

The hill is steep, thus the tilted picture

I try to imagine how evil the persecution must have been for the Pilgrims to put their trust in a vessel like this to cross an unknown body of water.

Bob sees art, I see a serious lead paint issue, lol.
The Rock, currently undergoing some kind of restoration. As cynical as I am I find it hard to believe that we know which "rock" they landed on, but whatever one it was, they must have been very glad to see it.

Who wouldn't think it was going to storm?

Original Pilgrim Church built in 1630. It is a hike up from the water now, imagine what it was like in 1630.

Hope you enjoyed Plymouth. Melisssa at the Inspired Room is going to be doing a Drive-bys around the World post soon and this maybe a part of that post if I figure out the linking part. If you enjoyed this post check here for my driveby on the left coast.



  1. Janet, you spoil us with all of your great drive-bys.

    Plymouth is a lovely town, and the architecture is awesome. That church is just breathtaking.

  2. Isn't it amazing how small the boats are that brought the first settlers across the water? Have you ever seen the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria? They're tiny!

    Wonderful drive-by ~ I have one going on as well! ::Jill

  3. This all looks amazing! I know I am seriously misplaced...I have absolutely no business in Florida. Lead paint betcha! Must be that whole Realtor thing...

    Thanks for showing us all of's just great ;)


  4. Plymouth is another favorite of my New England drives. Your tour is gorgeous, I love all the historical homes and the seaport. Such a lovely tour. Karen

  5. Hi Janet! Your pictures have made me very homesick!!! I am from MA and had to move 7 yrs. ago. The "rock" looks pretty much the same!!lol Have a great day - from a fellow "housepeeper" - Jeannette

  6. These pics are great...and I like Bob's idea of art, too. The weather has been just like that here as well...sunny until the dark clouds roll in.

    These big old homes always make me wonder how people heat them.

  7. Thanks for the tour, Janet! Such fun. Vee said she wondered how people heat big old houses, I know I have a big old house and we have a steam boiler! It is very efficient and clean, compared to a regular forced air heat, except for the fact that we have old windows so it still costs a fortune to heat. :-0

    Thanks again for being a part of the Drive bys: Around the World!


  8. The history! I am always in awe to try to see how the Pilgrims and Pioneers lived and love to get a glimpse. Love all the painted ladies in your other post. We just moved from Florida- where Rhoda from Southern Hospitality took photos of the beach houses. They are so fun and refreshing with all the colors.

  9. Who cares what rock they landed on, that is so beautiful ;- ) It is all so beautiful. Clarice

  10. This was a great tour! I would love to go there some day.


  11. Thanks for the tour - I truly love seeing all those buildings!


  12. I just never get tired of looking at beautiful homes. Thanks for the tour:>)

  13. Such eye candy! Amazing photos and yes, I would have to wonder how the Pilgrims made a voyage on such a boat!!


  14. I enjoyed the tour of Plymouth. Wow, so beautiful. I love the grey/blue home with black shutters the best.

    Great tour:)

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog, I am so glad I was able to find yours!

  15. Beautiful homes. The photo of the tower against the clouds is lovely. Hope you're having a good week, Janet.
    Hugs ~

  16. I have been to Plymouth, in England and have seen the spot from which the Mayflower set out. But not Plymouth, US. Read a book on the Pilgrim Fathers last year and the conditions on the boat were horrendous. Cramped, no privacy and no clean linen! They really were heroic. I enjoyed the tour! Love Eleanor

  17. You know I'm not supposed to be here because I'm not supposed to be blogging. Jezzzzzzzzzz. You're killin' me. You know that. Right? If I have a heart attack, my last word is going to be...J-A-N-E-T! Seriously. Mom will think I'm referring to my older sister, but we all know in blogger land, it's really you. Please get my sister off the hook.

    I've been here before but didn't leave a comment. Why? Because I love architecture and I'm from the Northeast and your blog brought tears to my eyes (and because I'm a sissy). But after your encouragement today I had to stop by. You know I'm not supposed to be blogging, but here goes. Your blog is gorgeous and I'm so glad you love architecture. Like you, I love nothing more than walking at dusk and peeking in windows! No, not as a stalker, but as an observer! (There is a technical difference!) You probably feel the same way, but you know what I love most about homes? The fact that no two interiors are the same. Never! I find that absolutely remarkable. From high end to low end, every home is unique.

    I want to move back to the northeast to be near my family in NY and have considered MA. My sister-in-law and her family are in MA and I think living there would put me in close proximity to everyone. I've been in contact with a few realtors, but I think you know me best. If I move to MA, I want you to be my realtor. I'll let you know if that becomes a reality.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and your encouragement. I'm going to be fine. This is simply a blip in my life. I'll keep you informed my dear. And thank you SO much for the tour of Plymouth. Absolutely beautiful!

    Much love,
    Suze XO

  18. Hi Janet!
    Wow what amazing photos you have here, I really enjoyed the drive-by tour and your comments ha!

  19. Oh, listen to you; you are so sweet. Big hug ~ Alexandra

  20. What a great drive-by! I just LOVE New England architecture -- so beautiful!

  21. Umm... a seaside B&B? I'll take it! :)

  22. Janet...we love Plymouth...great architecture...

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  23. Thanks for sharing! All the photos are gorgeous. Looks like a lovely spot.

  24. Breathtaking! I love your tour, beautiful pictures! What history you've shared and I think it's all art :).

  25. Loved your tour of Plymouth, America's Home Town and the town where I went to high school.

    Plymouth has really makes an effot to preserve their heritage and well worth the trip.


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