Friday, April 18, 2008

Day #2 in LA LA LAND!!

Thursday was our day to go to the big city for dinner and Wicked. We got dressed and left about 10:30 AM for our dinner reservations at 6:00. You never know how long it will take in traffic, don't you know? As soon as we got on the freeway...instant gridlock. We sat and crawled and crawled and sat our way to LA. This was all so new to me. As many times as I have been to California I have never actually been to " the city" as they used to refer to it on Dragnet and here we were cautiously...down Wilshire Blvd. We parked near here:

Walked by here:

I figured that this was either 1) some kinky sex parlor or 2) a very "in" restaurant. Internet research has proven that #2 is the correct answer.

We went to the LaBrea Bakery ( of cookbook fame), but alas there was no place to eat so we went next door to Campanile, once home to Charlie Chaplin. Very posh and quite pricey, but girls have to treat themselves once in a blue moon and we had tap water and Salad Nicoise.

How cool are these stairs and they may have been trod upon by some Hollywood Glitterati past and present.

Next we found this beautiful neighborhood of "modest" homes from the 20s thru 40s and walked and clicked. Here is what we saw:

Seems like some cropping might be in order!!

Love that garage door!

This is my favorite because I adore this color...note the shabby wheelbarrow planter!
Cool shutters, possibly cost more than my house.
Chic Hollywood starlet??

Sleep well and tomorrow we will go to dinner and the theatre and see a few more houses. Hope you are enjoying your peeping ;-)



  1. Hi Janet, Welcome home! I LOVE the house pictures! You are right...nothing like this is ever found on the East Coast! The trees are beautiful!

  2. Hi Janet!
    I am loving my peeping! Looks like you are having a fabulous time... Can't wait to see what is next...

  3. She's home...she's home...oh yes, oh yes, she's home.
    You are so killing me with all of these photos. I adore that 20s-40s architecture of California. When we lived in San Diego we used to take drives a lot...I had certain neighborhoods that just thrilled me so. Ones like these. Oh the bougainvillea!! It is so fabuloso.
    I wish we could have it here. It just screams So. Ca and I loved it.

    Your friend's home is so pretty. Would she like to come do my garden?? Pretty please??

    I will just run on up and get some of those flowers you have...oh if I could!

    Now, let's hear all the rest of your stories. I have yet to read about any police tales. : )


  4. I love the Bouganvilla, don't know how to spell it either, but it's beautiful. The shutters on that turret are amazing. If that starlet was you, you are lovely. Everything looks so lovely and lush. I'm glad you had such a good time. Thank you for your kind words; they are so uplifting.

  5. What a fun post! Loved seeing all your pictures. Thanks for sharing those houses! -Julia :-)

  6. I love LA! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful neighborhood. We had bouganvilla on our front porch years ago and my husband ripped it out. I have never forgiven him. He says it's pretty but a pain in the butt because of the thorns. It never bothered me.

  7. I am so enjoying your trip. I have never been to California, but your pictures remind me of South Florida.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  8. these photos are so wonderful i feel like i was there with you!!! love those houses and the whole adventure!jkj

  9. Except for thr traffic seems like a grand time! I'm glad you are sharing all the great photos :-) Rosie

  10. So I hope the water in hollywood was good ;-) Clarice

  11. Janet ,

    Please tell Jane -O ( that is what you call her , right ?) her house is just adorable ...loved it and the weather looked great.

    Really enjoyed shopping yesterday and that was the best burger i have had in a while're TOP CHEF..



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