Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry I haven't been around for a few days, but there are some things happening which are entirely out of my control. 1) My FIL is in the hospital with what was first thought to be a stroke, but now they say "no". He is doing better today ( been there since early Friday AM), but it is a bit freaky to not know what is causing the confusion, stumbling etc. 2) My brother in Tucson has been laid off and has put his house on the market and is selling almost everything he owns in anticipation of turning tail and running back to Vermont. He hates Realtors ( I don't envy his for sure) and is bombarding me with pleas for advice which he scoffs at. 3) Weather has gone from lovely to 45 degrees and rainy. I know we need the rain, but couldn't it be a warm rain?

On another note I am not sure how many of you are acquainted with young Aussie Jeni Ballantyne of TheComfySpot She is a courageous young woman who is fighting Stage Four colon cancer and blogging about it. Some friends have put together an e-bay auction of donated goods to help defray some of her costs and to establish a trust fund for her six year old son Jack. If you get a chance please visit the auction at http// Her plight is truly heart wrenching.

Good news...I won a Cottage decorating book from Julia over at Hooked on Houses. She has a very focused blog which is all about houses from tours of stars homes to MLS tours to design info. Stop by and say hello!

Bob is in SoCal for a two day class so I am going to indulge in a frozen ( I know, not great!) CPK garlic chicken pizza and a chick flick. Sounds like a theme night...chick pizza and chick movie!!

I have disabled the word verification; it has become positively evil with different widths and fonts. I 'm willing to give it a try so no goofy/rude spam please!!


  1. Wow, Janet, you DO have a lot going on! I don't know how you found time to even write it all down. I'm glad I could give you a little good news this week. Enjoy the book! -Julia :-)

  2. Hope you enjoy your pizza and movie. I'm excited that I'm home in time to watch a new HOUSE. Prayers for your FIL.

  3. HI Janet, thank for vising my blog, I'm having a great time looking through your posts with all the beautiful home pictures. I read you profile, LOL, I love looking in the windows as I pass homes at night too! We all do, just some people wont admit it!

  4. Hi Janet- I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough time right now! I hope they figure out what is going on with your FIL...I will keep him in my prayers! Hope things calm down for ya.......A chick pizza and chick flick sounds like a good idea to me :o)

  5. Trying to catch up...looks like you enjoyed your trip! How's your FIL? What does your brother do (or did he do)? Congrats on your parents anniversary. Gas here is 3.59 and temps in the mid-80's. What movie did you watch...and how was the pizza?


  6. Oh my goodness you have had quite a week. I hope it gets batter. Clarice

  7. Hang in there - hopefully things will be better soon.

    I am familiar with the effort for Jen. I plan to post a link on my blog later this week. I lost a dear friend to color cancer a few months ago. Jen's story is heartbreaking.

  8. Oh have so much going on now. Could i come by and eat some of that pizza and watch the movie? Wow do I wish I could! (Janet is right now barring her door and telephoning a locksmith to add further security to said door)
    I am sorry about your FIL. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
    I am sorry about your You don't want to BE his realtor?? *grin*
    I would so not wish to be MY brother's realtor. : )

    I will check these sites you named.
    The ladies sound wonderful.

    Let is know what movies you saw!!


  9. HI Janet~SO gald you stopped by to visit! It's so nice to see that you
    live so close! YES! The weather has turned nasty this week(we were so spoiled last week yes?! LOL!) Love your blog & will pray for your young blog friend who is so ill & has so much to deal with. SO sad~Hope your FIL gets well quickly & that your poor BIL can sell his home asap! It's so scary with the way the economy is right now. Hope we can keep in touch! :) chris

  10. Hi Janet,
    I am so sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope they find the source of the problems soon!

    You have alot going on at the moment....

    Congrats on winning that great book! I am off to check on Hooked on Houses...

  11. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I recall my mom having something similar and we found out it was interaction of several different drugs that caused it.Hope he feels better soon.

  12. Hi Janet,
    I'm sorry about your FIL.

    Hey, I'll come over there and watch a chick-flick and eat garlic chicken pizza with you. I think you said you made garlic fries tonight - now that sounds good!

    So what movie did you watch?
    Happy night!

  13. Well, you met your match here! The roses are insane, but I also love architecture (studied it for years and years before switching to art and art history), like you, love walking at dusk, just as the lights are coming on and looking in windows (NO, not a a stalker, but as an observer of interiors (I believe O.O.I. should be a legal term just so one isn't arrested!)) because I love interiors. No two are the same.

    We're going to have to stay in touch. Oh, one more thing. Love MA. Grew up in NY (The Catskills), would love to live in Litchfield, CT, but my first love is Cape Cod. Hummmmmmmmmm. May end up in MA after all.

    It's been great chatting with you. Stop by any time. I has been a pleasure!


  14. Okay...typos

    "It" has been a pleasure not "I" has been a pleasure. And of course, "Not a a stalker," but "Not as a stalker." Good Lord!

  15. You have so much going on dear one, hope you take some time for yourself! The pizza and movie sound great.

    I agree about that word verification going crazy, I could no longer make out those letters. Robots must've been getting pretty smart.

    Happy May Day!


  16. Hope all is well Janet...miss seeing you here! Just staying busy?
    Just wanted to say howdee do and
    check up on you!


  17. It's starting to warm up again after a cold and rainy spell. Hope you're getting warmer weather also. I, too, have dismantled word was making me crazy on other blogs so I thought I would d/c it on mine. I'm hoping for the best...

  18. Janet

    Hope all turns out well, sometimes a chick flick is just the soothing thing!


  19. Hi Janet,
    So you sound as busy or busier thatn I've been lately. Haven't had much time to visiting blogs, but I hope to be able to slow down soon. Hugs to you.

  20. I hope they find out what is causing your FIL problems. Not knowing is always worse than knowing I think.

    Hope you enjoyed our CPK pizza and chick flick! Congrats on wining the book!



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