Thursday, May 1, 2008


The owners of Modvic kindly invited all the Realtors in our area (200+) to a Broker Open House at the property on Wednesday. I got there early and parked on the next street anticipating parking issues. Silly, little girl scout me, always prepared. Exactly 10 people showed up and 8 were from my office. Aren't we good?? And we have two Antique Home Experts. I have capitalized this because I am one of them ( the other did not attend...she had 2 closings that, hiss). The pictures are not nearly as good as I would have liked, but my excuse is that it was just hard with even 10 people roaming about and the tour was fairly wandering off to explore and take pictures on my own until the end. The house is gorgeous, very expensive ( no home has sold for this much money in town ...ever) and it is clear that no detail has been overlooked. If you want to see more or read about the history of the property or read the restoration blog just click on the link, OK? Alright, enough already, just show the pictures!


  1. Wow! The detail is really amazing! It's a beautiful house!


  2. It looks like they really did it up right! Love it. I'm so glad you got some photos to show us, Janet! -Julia

  3. i've never seen a sink in a glassed in cupboard! (was it naughty?) the painting details are phenominal. i hope they match with a buyer who loves every carefully planned detail!! thanks for the pix!jkj

  4. Amazing houses...the details are awesome...

  5. Wow, absolutely amazing. The paint detail is phenomenal, and I love the arched door. And, the stairway. Oh heck, I love it all.

  6. I love that painted porch woodwork.
    Very cool!

    Thanks for taking us along, virtually, on your tour.

    Becky K.

  7. We have lots of restored homes here but nothing like this! Fabulous job and I love the porch colors.

    **So glad your FIL is doing better!**


  8. What great pictures and yes, I will be making an offer. I think I will offer them 25, 000 over their asking price just to make sure. After all, I received 17 more offers of free money this week!

    The details of this place are awesome.

    What a fun tour!


  9. Just how much???????

    It's a beauty Janet - love everything they've done to modernize yet keep the Victorian look. The exterior paint is amazing - this is definitely a 'painted lady'. We have a section in Raleigh with many houses like this - all gorgeous and usually on the annual Xmas Tour - they are fabulous then.

    Hope your FIL improves and all will be well soon.

    Loved the 'blonde joke' - I used to be one too, until I found redheads have the most fun!

  10. Just amazing. There is just something about an old home. Such detail and beauty. Clarice

  11. Gorgeous! That little arched door and the stair case are my favorite parts, but it's all beautiful!

  12. What an amazing place! I bet it was fun to go thru it.

  13. Oh My...... I would love to live in an old victorian like that some day!
    I love historical home tours!
    Thanks for taking us along!

    Hugz, Dolly


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