Sunday, May 18, 2008


Just some random shots of Burlington. Saturday was gorgeous ( sunny, low 70's, no wind) and it was commencement weekend at the University of Vermont (UVM) and St Michael's College. Lots of people hanging about enjoying the weather. Enjoy!

World Famous Nector's Restaurant home to Phish ( the band)
Elton John is coming to Vermont in July! The Flynn Theatre is our "Performing Arts" theatre, although it was a movie theatre when I was growing up.
Note to Jano: What's Your Beef, now known as Trattoria Della. Wonder if they still put the baby shrimp and chopped hard cooked egg on their salads? That was so very exotic in the 70's/80's :)

Bennington Potters North, my favorite browsing store
Vermont transportation, green in more ways than one

Milling about at the Farmers' Market

Blatantly free advertising for the Fletcher Free Library

Later, Janet


  1. Oh yay! That looks like a great time. Glad the weather was warm. It is chilly willy today in PA.....and rainy. Thanks for sharing. It helped to warm me up!

    :-) Rosie

  2. What an incredibly charming place. Vermont is way at the top of my list of places I want to go.

    I'm glad you has a good trip.

  3. It is sooo beautiful there. I have a friend from Maine and she misses it so much. I can see why. Clarice

  4. What a fabulous day!! A wonderful time!! Check out our post today for a fun freebie magazine offer!!!

    kari & kijsa

  5. hey janet, thanks for the tour of b'lap. LOVE that town. and the special info about wyb?now called tratoria... what a perfect day. glad it was such good weather. did you have fries at al's?? it is wicked hot here. i'm almost comatose it is so hot. but i'm blessed otherwise so all is good. taking a feather from the nester: looking at the bright side! jkj

  6. That looks like a darling town. So much fun.

    It's been so hot here. It was over 100 just two days ago. YIKES.

    Hey, I've got two give aways going over at my blog. If you are interested come take a look and see if you want to enter the drawings.


  7. Oh Janet! I've been to Burlington twice and absolutely loved it! Soooo charming! Thanks for taking me along on another mini visit. I will definitely go back again some day.

  8. I love Vermont, so I enjoyed these pictures. I also enjoyed that Jewel Box Home website you told us about. Thanks, Janet! -Julia

  9. Oh how I loved Vermont. When we were stationed in upstate NY, we spent every weekend we could, traveling around and Vermont was always a favorite spot.
    I loved seeing your photos. Makes me long for another trip up your way. And now knowing you are there makes it even more special!

    I love that you are *tweaking* your yard! I adore that word and when it was used in YGM, I laughed so hard!

    I bet it all looks gorgeous!

    Love to you...your FIL must be so much better since he wants to be OUT so badly! Good for him!


  10. Visited there several times when we lived in NH and MA - really nice town in very green Vermont!

    Your book will be on it's way soon - if you visit me you will see why I've been so busy and am all behind with indoor things!
    Hugs - Mary.


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