Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I went to Providence today to have lunch with a friend, check out some shops and order my tickets for the Providence Preservation Society House Tour on June 7th. Here are some random pictures from the Benefit Street area which is one of the oldest parts of Providence. Note how close the houses are to the street. No way to avoid getting cars in the photos!! Click to enlarge, if you like.

Love this door, which appears to be later than the house
Charming Georgian (Adam) Colonial
These appear to be painted showerheads...public art??
Toasty on the third floor, if it ever gets warm here
Love these colors with the faded brick
Showy front door
This IS the front door, I checked the other door.
A perfect example of Greek Revival architecture
Greek Revival with Victorian addition
I love this color combo and this shot. Lovely dappled light...almost
artistic except for the darned car. Drat!

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions about my dilemma. I think I have it figured out.


Edited to add: Melissa at The Inspired Room is going to be doing a Drive-bys Around the World Post sometime soon. If you do any drive-bys link back to her for an upcoming post.


  1. Thanks for the basic tour, the houses! Will you be posting inside photos or are they not permitted?

  2. Great looking houses - makes one want to peek inside behind those bright front doors!

    Actually the last one is OK with the car - look how the turquoise and orange - opposite on the color wheel I guess - give an almost modern look to the composition. I'm definitely not a modernist however do enjoy color combos which make one look again!

    Great job Janet - thanks for the tour.

  3. Thanks for the tour preview. I cna't wait to see more. My favorite is the third from last. Love that Greek Revival.

    The showerheads are quite a funky statement. Funky and fun.

  4. Another wonderful tour! I'm sure I'd be walking around that neighborhood with my mouth hanging open.

  5. FUN! I love stuff like this, and these houses are great. The one with the door in what looks like the foundation/basement was interesting/odd. Also, the "showerhead art" made me laugh. Thanks for sharing them with us! -Julia

  6. lovely tour. must have been a great time in p'town. the second one looks new. glad you are feeling sunny! it is actually raining here. jkj

  7. What a fun tour and so many amazing houses. I can not imagine living somewhere with all that history. Fun !!! Clarice

  8. Love all of the colorful doors on those beautiful homes! I only spent a small amount of time in Providence when visiting my sister, but would love to come back and spend more time there.
    p.s. how do I find Google Reader? It sounds like something I would like..

  9. Hooray! Excellent Drive By Janet! Yes, your link worked. So, I will gather up everyone's links and then when I have enough for a little tour I'll create a DRIVE BYS: AROUND THE WORLD post and link back here. It should be fun for everyone! Thanks for participating!

    Happy day,

  10. I love all the bright colored doors! I've never seen an orange one before.

    Have a beautiful day!

  11. Ooh, I love all those houses! I bet that tour will be wonderful! We were in Newport RI last summer but never made it to Providence. I just love all the old homes of the area. Don't you just hate it when cars get in the picture!?! It's still a beautiful house.

  12. Beautiful houses...I really enjoyed the tour! Oh how I would love to peek inside each one...of course, I am often disappointed but, at least ONE of them would have to be a knock out inside right?


  13. I love the homes in Providence, I frequent trip for me, but the way you photographed these homes really show off their historical charm. Such a great tour. Karen

  14. Red doors look great, don't they?! Also- how funny that is with the showerheads!

  15. Janet, I just loved seeing these homes. They look like home to me! New England fare is always my favorite!!

    The last with that particular color combination is so different and so pleasing. Wonderful!

  16. Janet, those are all beautiful NE homes. I would love to visit that part of our country one day, have never been there.


  17. I love these style of homes! Wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing, Janet!!


  18. Thank you so much for the tour of your neighborhood. One of my favorite activities is looking at houses and imagining what it would be like to own this house or that which is so different from my own basic multi-level:-)

    It's an etsy:


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