Monday, May 5, 2008


Did you know that you must blog with care to eliminate some of the potential hazards? My first blogging related health scare was potential weight gain. I rarely eat between meals, but because I blog at night and sometimes read your posts quite late I find that I get hungry and we all know you can't go to sleep if you are hungry. So I am faced with adding additional calories to my daily intake. Not good!

The second problem is zits aka acne/pimples/blossoms or whatever you called them as a teenager when they were the scourge of your existence, but pretty normal. Remember how the Clearasil would turn grayish and crack if you put it on too thick? When I read your blogs I have a tendency to sit with my chin in my right hand. Again, not good. I seem to be fighting the same pimple on my chin over and over.

Lastly, and I went to the Doctor's for this today. To prop my chin up while reading I lean my right elbow on the desk and now I have very painful bursitis of the elbow!! It has been bothering me for two weeks so I finally decided I should go and find out what was causing this pain. Blogging, that's what!!. Now I need massive doses of Motrin and lots of ice. Worse yet, I need to rest my elbow and that means my gardening that I started 2 weeks ago ( which no doubt aggravated the "injury") will not get done until my elbow is better, or until I can coerce Bob into digging and schlepping.

That's it for tonight, time for more Motrin and reading your posts without the whole elbow on the desk thing!




  1. I'm sorry about your blog health problems but I have to admit reading your post today made me laugh.

    Not at you, but with you. When I got to the part about your chin and elbow I paused and noticed I was sitting the same way.

    I noticed my elbow was hurting the other day and now I know why. No need to go the Dr now.

    But, I hope you write about all the health benefits next blog. You know, lowers your blood pressure, makes you feel good, keeps your mind active and so on.

    All the good really outweighs the bad by miles.

    Hugs and get better,

  2. I have been reading some older comments on my blog and found yours (a little late, I'm afraid). Mmm, blogging is becoming a health hazard to me too. It is a small, small world as I do know Jean Storey, your AFS student in Vermont. We actually went to university together in South Arica! But have lost touch with her. Visit me again at Thatchwick Cottage! Warm wishes Eleanor

  3. Hi Janet :)

    Is the what the weight gain is from? ;)

    I'm sorryy you're having pain. I hope you feel beter soon.

    Btw, that house you showcased is GORGEOUS!


  4. that would be ....sorry LOL

  5. Who knew?! I'll have to remember no eating or propping while blogging. Maybe we need to get our heads together to develop a cure. I'm certain that as many of us are out here, there would be a market for a cure.

    Really though, I do hope you're better soon.

  6. Uh oh...who knew blogging could be so treacherous??!!

    I hope you get "all fixed up" soon and won't have to take time away from us!


  7. Who knew the dangers of blogging? I hope you are feeling like your old self again soon :o)Now take your elbow off the desk this instant!!!! LOL

  8. Sorry to hear about your elbow! I have the same problem with pimples along my jaw line. And staying up too late every night is wearing me down. But am I going to give up blogging? Of course not!

  9. Oh No!! Ok, we have to invent some kind of thingy that will prop chins up, and another thingy that will do something to stop carpel tunnel syndrome!

    Hope your bursitis goes away quickly. I had that in my shoulder once from playing golf. Well, actually from hitting the ground instead of the ball in golf - lol...

  10. Ok...ME TOO! I'm sitting here with chin on hand, elbow on desk! LOL! My hand that holds the mouse with a bent elbow for 4 hours straight gets stiff too! Lots of anti inflamitories!

  11. Laughing...I do the same thing with the hand on the chin...
    and then there is this spot in my back that gets numb because of the way I lean over to read...


    Hope your elbow is better soon.

    Becky K.

  12. Hope you are feeling better!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  13. Yikes! Of course, one must suffer for one's art... :)

    Feel better, honey!

  14. As I was reading your second paragraph I realised I had my chin resting on my hand... it must be a universal thing! ::Jill

  15. Hi Janet, You are too funny. I love reading your blog. I don't have blogger's elbow but blogger's shoulder from always leaning to one side while sitting at the computer. Advil does help. ~ Lynn

  16. Oh wow. I had to smile, even though I KNOW you hurt...I am NOT smiling AT the pain but at what we endure to blog! I have finger issues now, arm ones and a hip one. Like I needed more issues? : )
    But blogging has been SO good for me in other ways!!

    Feel better now!!


    No doc notes to let you outta blogging allowed!!

  17. You are funny. I don't eat when I blog, but I do when I'm grading. I've been grading during the day and every night for about nine days straight, those final research essays. I have probably put on ten pounds of M&M's and Peanutbutter cup weight. :)


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