Thursday, May 29, 2008


First off, I have been remiss thanking my friends for my winnings! I won this book:

from Julia at Hooked on Houses. Julia has a wonderful blog that is just about tours of wonderful homes in the Cincinnati area, Homes for sale from her local Multiple Listing Service ( don't know how she gets them...our MLS is private) and tours of celebrity homes. It is great fun and one of my "must reads" every day.

I won this beautiful gardening book from Mary at Across the Pond. Mary is a transplanted (get the garden reference??) Brit who lives in a cottage in North Carolina. She has the most wonderful way with decorating and gardening. I so wish I could go sit on her porch and drink coffee ( I'll bring my own coffee, Mary) and enjoy her gardens.

Next on the agenda, BJ had another post today on her HOT Kitchens Open House and in honor of that I filched two kitchens off the Rate My Space pages that I like. I don't think either of them are most people's idea of a dream kitchen, but I like the way they look ( call me shallow). I could whip up some really good meals in either one, because I can cook baby.

This one is from Flea Market Trixie... I love that tile work and isn't the color on her cupboards delicious? Check out her other rooms.. I just love them, very calm and serene, plus budget friendly.

This one is from #9758419 and I think it has plenty of room for me to cook up a storm, plus I always love a kitchen with a lamp on the cozy and this lamp is especially cute.

Next, in the"It's a Small World After All" category ( good luck getting that song out of your head), I met a wonderful blogger from South Africa. Her name is Eleanor and she lives in a thatched cottage with beautiful flowers and exotic birds. As luck would have it I have only met one person from S. Africa in my life, an AFS student in High School. Well, Eleanor knows her that an amazing coincidence or what?? Go visit Eleanor and tell her I sent you..she will love the company.

Lastly, I am feeling a bit maudlin today because two of my most loyal ("I'll never buy or sell a house without you") clients have listed their homes with other agents without so much as a howdy-do. People don't seem to understand that this is how I make a living and every time they say they will be loyal and then aren't they not only hurt my feelings, but almost as important, they hurt my bottom line ( which is at zero, a big goose egg) so far this year. Moral of the story: never take your friends or clients for granted. So thank you friends for being loyal and making my morning reading routine a fun one. Love to you all.



  1. If you were in my neighborhood (Riverside, California) you could be my real estate agent. I wish I could sell my house...the market is terrible here. I went to Hooked on Houses and they sold a darling Victorian house for not much more than $200,000. I was so envious!

    I do like living in CA, though.
    Susan from the Little Yellow House

  2. That's one of the reasons I don't like selling real estate. There's so little loyalty among clients. They also run you around on holidays and other times when you'd rather be doing something else and then they don't buy. Our market is slow here so I got out for a while. Would rather spend my time doing some fun things than being dragged around by people who won't buy, or deal with short sales.

  3. Well, first of all, shame on your former clients for their lack of loyalty. What is their issue?!

    Love your new books, and I know just what you mean about enjoying and perusing. A book can bring such immense pleasure.

    I love both of the kitchens you chose. Kitchens definitely are the heart of the home.

  4. Sweet of you to mention me. Glad you enjoyed the book--I was very happy you won it! :-)

    Look at the crown molding in that second kitchen. Wow. Gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear you lost those clients. That would sting, especially since they gave you no explanation or warning. Very puzzling. I guess this crazy real estate market makes people do crazy things. Hang in there!


  5. So sorry about the way this economy is hurting your business. As for the clients...what in the world were they thinking?

    Hoping and praying the best clients of your life are just about to call.

    Becky K.

  6. Great post Janet - just sorry your clients have let you down when you need sales - goes to show that loyal friends are hard to come by sometimes!!

    Thanks for the kind words and link back to my blog. Hope you enjoy this book - I like the way she writes, and it's such a different perspective on being a gardener - we think it's hard at ground level!!!!

    Eleanor is a lovely lady and I always enjoy her posts - her cottage and garden are gorgeous. She has already invited me to visit - wow, I'd love to take her up on that some day, have never visited S.A.

    Hope this weekend is a good one - Bet New England is warming up, it's usually lovely around this time of year. Wish I was still there planning our beach trips to Ogunquit - love the Maine coast. We are having such a wonderful Spring for a change, no oppressive heat or humidity YET - so the porch is awaiting your visit.........and I make good coffee so don't bother to bring your own!!
    Hugs - Mary.

    P.S. Love those kitchens too - mine need's a good clean after the workmen trekking through it this week, so that's on the agenda for later.

  7. Kitchen number one is my fav! (although I do love a lamp on the counter too!) Sorry about your flakey clients.....I don't get it! and lastly, I'm headed over to Eleanors and to Rate My Space to waste more valuable time!

  8. Janet, these kitchens are wonderful and love that cabinet color on the first. So soft and pretty - very old worldish. Is that a word? Well, you know what I mean.

    I have some serious blog catching up to do!! You have some pretty posts and so much for me to read!!

    Hey, if you lived here, I'd hire you to sell our home - when and if that time comes!!!


    PS: I will check out Melissa's blog now...

  9. Oh I remember this kitchen from RMS! I loved it and commented! (I was igottadecorate)! I still love it and am glad to view it again! This is a much friendlier atmosphere than the rms rating game! I am totally enjoying your blog! - Jeannette


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