Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The weekend was spent doing more yard work. Does it ever end?? Once I showed Bob the pictures from my Garden Muse (66nick on HGTV/RMS) he went wild wanting to buy, buy, buy. I swear the man would buy every Hosta species known to man if I let him have the check book. We did buy a few and also transplanted some good sized ones from the back yard. The front of our house has dappled sun in the early AM and then is quite shady for the rest of the day.

This is what I am starting with in this area. Two Hollies and two Burning Bushes. The large tree is an oak. Yes, that's my little red Alero, 8 years old and still rarin' to go. Clearly I am not one to define myself by my status symbol car!! This is living authentically with what you can afford, folks. Click to enlarge any of my photos, if you dare!

These four pictures are from my Garden Muse. 66nick is a landscape architect and this is his tiny cottage in New Jersey. Check him out on RMS, his house is so cute and the yard is to die for. There are lots of pix. See the similarities between his yard and mine?? You do, don't you?? Squint if you have to;)

Okay, I admit it doesn't look like much right now, but in another 5 years it will be coming along. In front of the oak I planted several pieces of Hydrangea Petiolore ( Climbing Hydrangea) which will take a while to come around. They don't have a tap root, just aerial roots, so they are going to be finicky about water for a while. On the street side of the oak I transplanted 3 clumps of Stella D'Oro day lilies. We added three large leafed hostas, (two Angel Blue and One Sum and Substance) and two small leaf variegated varieties. Then I added three areas of white impatients to help lighten the area. Each area had to be dug up and have composted manure added to the existing soil. Quite the job for Bob as I watched and nursed my elbow. May as well milk that for all it is worth, right??

You really can't see the plantings in this shot, but don't you love how the Boston Fern looks in the urn by the front door? Tomorrow I will show you another area that is quite mature and has taken forever. Got to go and make dinner.



  1. it really coming along nicely, janet! you and bob will be very proud in a season or so... :) he's a good worker, huh? keep him!sees what you want and DOES it. must be the streaks and upswept hair... well, i had a guy from church out to "help me" (as if i did any of it) with my outdoor electrical work. now i have properly working yard lights. the little things are so satisfying. keep sending out these wonderful encouraging posts! jkj

  2. Hey friend!!! Beautiful post...I remember when Nick posted his home on RMS...my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw his beautiful yard! lol I love hostas..ohhhh when yours fill in it will be awesome!!! Thanks so much for coming by and visiting...please come back anytime..have a great night!

  3. Janet, I really love your home. It looks so charming! Your landscaping is looking great! I am going to check out your inspiration at RMS. I have alot of shady areas.....
    p.s. did you get your dryer vent replaced?

  4. Janet, I love hostas...so versatile! Hopefully, yours will fill in quickly. Good luck!

  5. Janet - I love your house - and all that landscaping will certainly pay off before you know it. The hostas always amaze me each Spring when they emerge like magic, bigger and better each year. Some of mine are already blooming.

    That TV cottage is charming - almost like a fairytale come to life. I've never watched that program - TV is at the bottom of my entertainment list at present - just too much going on outside!

  6. Janet, I have loved your home since the first photo of it...it is truly charming. And don;t you adore hostas?
    We have some in the back garden and some out front. I have so much to do out front and much of that may not get done this year but having a plan. like you do, is a great start! It all takes time but yours will be a showplace yard...hmm...actually, I already think your yard and house are traffic stoppers. Love the ferns in the pots. It all looks great.


  7. Duh...and I forgot to say that Nick's home and garden was one of my favorites on RMS too. I have it on file and think it is amazing. The perfect muse!

    I think my poor head is even more rattled from blood donation. Not that I need any real reason to feel goofy headed!

  8. Oh I love your house! It is so cute.

    I've never heard of a climbing hydrangea before. I'll have to look those up to see what they look like.

    Your yard is looking beautiful and yes I love the fern in the front.


  9. Well, of course I see the similarities. I think you and your hubby are doing wonderful work. You know I adore hosta.

    Your home is charming, and the lawn looks great. Besides, this lawn work that we all have going on gives us something to anticipate.

  10. Your garden is looking lovely. And I love your house! Have a good week! Oh, and I liked the comment about your hubby muttering when he fixes something. Mine was the same and the dogs used to get under the kitchen table when they even saw the toolbox coming out! Eleanor

  11. What are you talking about, your house is charming !!!! I could die for your inspiration house. Sooo cute !!!! Clarice

  12. I think your plot will be just as beautiful at Nicks in no time at all.
    I have been so dang busy with Kitchen Stuff that I've fallen way behind on my visiting but give me another few days and I can come see you more.
    Your yellow house is just to die for!

  13. Lookin good! It won't take long before it fills in and looks like your inspiration cottage :o) I love Hostas but they need full shade here and I don't have any shade...yet!LOL...

  14. Hi Janet :)

    Your house is so cute. The yard's looking great too!



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