Sunday, April 20, 2008


First I will finish showing you the pictures I took of the L.A. Neighborhood near the famed "Miracle Mile". Personally I had never heard of the Miracle Mile, but in doing some research on Campanile ( the restaurant) I found out that this is what the whole neighborhood is referred to and that a lot of the major museums are in this area. I probably should have done the research before I went, but oftentimes serendipity is more fun, especially when you are with a good friend. So, carry on:

End of neighborhood, actually end of our walk thru neighborhood. We hopped in the car and drove thru Hancock Park where I swear I have seen college campuses smaller than some of these grand old homes. Just a tad ostentatious for me, but what do I know? I am just a simple girl from Vermont. Then we drove by UCLA, which didn't really look like imagined, but we only saw a small part of it. Across "town" on Santa Monica Boulevard thru Hollywood and Beverly Hills and part of Brentwood to Santa Monica. By the time we got there with all guessed it...traffic, we never got out just turned around and drove back and saw more incredible homes and of course tattoo and piercing parlors. I was not even tempted!! What??? Nope, not tempted even once, I won't even watch "Inked", just too gross for me. I was very impressed with my friend who has never driven thru L.A. very much. I navigated and she drove with great confidence and aplomb ( don't you just love that word?) and although traffic was hairy in some places she did a super job and I really appreciate her going outside her comfort level to give me the tour.

Dinner was at "Off Vine" conveniently located to Vine, no really, it was and only 3 blocks from the Theatre.

Really cool place, we ate outside because it was so nice. The food was Ok, not great, but OK. The big disappointment was the banana cream pie. I had seen it on the menu when I made the reservation and I was primed for it, but it was in a thick Oreo crust. Not at all what I had been craving. There is a dessert bakery in Providence called Pastiche which has the most incredible banana cream pie ( if you are ever in the area call me and I will treat, OK?) and I was expecting something similar. So, I set myself up for disappointment, happens all the time.

To get to the theatre we walked up Vine on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I saw many stars and believe me, Susie Q, I was watching for a Brian D. star...he does have one doesn't he? This was the best I could do...silly me.

The Pantages Theatre is a beautiful old theatre, but I didn't get any pictures. It was crowded with giggling teenagers and once they opened the doors from the lobby for us to be seated it was too late. We had really decent seats and I really enjoyed not just the story, but watching the mechanics of the flying monkeys, wondering how Elphaba could belt out tunes while flying on a broom. I forget how much I love going to the Theatre , because I don't get to do it too often. We left at 11:00, found our way back to the Freeway and guess what?? Yes. tons of traffic. again.

Have I bored you to tears yet? Let me know which house you liked best, just so I know you are still awake.



  1. You totally have not bored me. Instead, I have so enjoyed your trip. The third house was my favorite, and the bougainvillea makes me homesick for South Florida.

    Yum, banana creme pie sounds delicious.

  2. Thanks for the tour. That was fun.
    If those were roses...I am smitten!
    The huge red vines...

    Too bad about the pie...

    Becky K.

  3. Oh no! I'm not bored to tears at all. And I adored Captain Kangaroo!

    What a beautiful neighborhood and it's just as I imagine an elegant California neighborhood to be. I am particulary enjoying the yellow house, but then I would.

    I'll have to scroll back and see what all you've been up to since last I was here...a lot, I imagine.

    (The answer to your question about an electric broom is on my post today.)

  4. What a lovely tour! I'll take the yellow house, please...but I love the salmon colored cottage too. Gas prices here are at the WTF9/10 price range...glad to be home again, but think I'll be doing lots of walking instead of driving. Welcome back, Janet!

  5. Oh I think it is all so charming. How fun to live there and be able to look st those houses all the time. Clarice

  6. Oh what fun!!! Thanks so much for the virtual tour. I loved every one of those houses -- so beautiful!

  7. Welcome glad your'e back!!! Loved the home tour!!!

  8. How exciting...I really loved your trip..thanks for taking us along.
    I couldn't choose a favorite out of all these to die for houses if my life depended on it...all too beautiful
    hugs, bj

  9. Love these houses! This post was so much fun. Thanks, Janet. -Julia :-)

  10. What beautiful places and that restaurant looks so sweet but the pie...Oreo crust?? Noooo....

    You could never bore me with these pictures and stories. I love it all.

    I LOVED Bob K! I met him once and had him sign his book. I grew up with Captain K and Mr. Greenjeans.
    You know? I do not think BD has one and that is a crime. I must do something about that!! Maybe all my riches could buy one!!

    You had a great time out there didn't you? : )

  11. I was worried that people were bored with my So Cal pictures too, but I've thoroughly enjoyed yours! Being a former So Cal girl myself, I just love seeing those old neighborhoods. The bouganvillea is so pretty! Wish I could grow it here!

    Wicked is one of my all time favorite musicals. It's supposed to come back to San Francisco next year and I can't wait to go see it!

  12. Janet - I really like the white home with the pink - not-sure-what-it-is flowering bush (patio picture) That would be dreamy to have a patio like that!! (That would include the sunshine too!)
    Thanks for stopping by our blog today - we just love "meeting" new friends!! We'll be back!
    Karla & Karrie


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