Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have been home for a week now and I miss my friend. It is so nice to be able to have an extended period of time to connect. You don't feel rushed to try and remember everything you want to say in a short time. It was so relaxing and now I am coming to terms with "real life". It has finally been beautiful here and I have spent a lot of time working in the yard, clearing branches and way too many sticks from the yard. I am trying to dig up the one sunny garden I have. Most of my yard is too shady to grow what I want and the one sunny spot is almost too sunny. The soil is stony and pitiful as well. So, I dig and dig and eventually when everything is out I will amend the soil and try and grow some herbs and maybe a couple of roses. Mostly I am digging up Daylilies and Black-eyed Susans and some flowers that are somewhat related to Jerusalem Artichokes. They flower in late summer with multi-stemmed yellow flowers. They are great for bouquets, but grow about 5 feet tall and always flop all over the place. They are also way too invasive and send runners deep in the soil to pop up everywhere. I don't think I will ever get rid of them.

So, here are the rest of my pictures. I will try to just comment briefly on them and let you enjoy the splendor that is Southern California.

This is "C'est La Vie" where I intended to order the Chicken Crepes, But decided it would be much more "SoCal", not to mention so cool to have the Chicken Lime Salad. It was delicious and I am certainly not known for being a salad girl!
The beach, Enough said!

Laguna Beach was Saturday. Friday we went to Orange which has a gazillion antique shop/malls. We only went in a couple and the prices were way ridiculous compared to the East Coast. Just Crazy. Here are a couple of houses in Orange. Different style from LA. More Craftsman style bungalows and workers cottages with a few small scale Victorian homes thrown in.

Goodbye my friend and thank you for a wonderful time. Your turn to come here next, OK?


  1. Oh, I love Laguna Beach! It looks like you had some beautiful weather while you were there. Love those cute bungalows too! Yes, the antiques prices are ridiculously high all over California, even here in the rural north. Don't you feel sorry for us? All furniture shopping is better on the East Coast.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  2. Laguna Beach is so gorgeous! If you're here in the summer go to the Sawdust Festival. It's fun but the crafts are expensive there, too.

    Did you go to Old Town Orange? Is that what you meant? Wonderful shops but expensive!

  3. Your pictures are wonderful, and the beach looks splendid.

    I know you are missing your friend. Now you can begin to anticipate the next time together.

  4. Well I can see why you would miss that. Clarice

  5. So glad to be catching up with you. I love all of your pictures from your trip. I have only been to Napa and Sonoma. And I loved being there! You pictures look very inviting. I think it might be time to schedule another Ca trip sometime soon...

  6. I'm loving your sunny post! Sounds like a wonderful trip, Janet!

    Gorgeous photos...


  7. My goodness. No wonder people put up with the high cost of living out there, it is GORGEOUS. What a fabulous trip.

  8. What a beautiful place... love that house with big windows... I came here via Mary, from Across the Pond, and wanted to invite you to my "Dessert Carnival", on April 30th. Come visit me and find out all about it.


  9. Laguna Beach is so pretty. And being with a good friend is Heaven. I know it is difficult to get back into the real world.
    When you feel blue, just close your eyes and think back on those sweet memories.


  10. It certainly was a wonderful trip Janet - thanks for taking us along! I always enjoy visiting the West Coast but know how expensive it is so would never be able to live there! When my best friend told me my little house would sell for a million plus in her area south of San Francisco I knew I would have to stay put here!

    Thanks so much for the delightful "Oak Tree" card for St. George's Day - that was such a kind thought and I hug you for it.

    Hope you are rested by now - have a great weekend too.

  11. Hey, Janet! I just drew your name for my "New Cottage Style" book giveaway over at Hooked on Houses. I'll be announcing it in the morning but wanted you to be the first to know.

    Congratulations! I'm thrilled that a long-time and loyal reader like you will be getting it. E-mail me your address and it'll be on its way! -Julia :-)

    (jknispel @

  12. Hi Janet, I'm just catching up with everyone this weekend!

    It looks like a beautiful place! The beach looks just gorgeous! I was born in California but I haven't been back in years.

    I have an invasive plant that I was given that I don't think I'll every get rid of either! The roots run deep too and if you leave even a bit of a part of a root it'll grow from that! I've been fighting it for about 6 years now!


  13. I just loved looking at all your photos of beautiful So. Calif. So much so I want to go see the same things. Heck I'm only about 20 mins from Laguna Beach and I love going there. I will surely look through fresh eyes next time I go. Funny how one takes things for granted when you live somewhere. But seeing the places through the eyes of a person on vacation makes you look at things differently.

    I love you blog and am adding you to my favorites. I also printed out your banana receipe and will be trying it soon. Thanks.

  14. Hi Janet~~~
    looks like you hada wonderful time..Laguna Beach looks wonderful and I am sure it was so relaxi8ng to get your toes into the warm white sand....
    Have fun in the garden...
    xxxooo Ruth

  15. Wowie! Those beach pictures are just stunning. I bet you hated to go home.
    I love looking at house pictures too. Keep them coming.

  16. Such a wonderful getaway and friend time!! Great photos!! Have a blessed Sunday,
    kari & kijsa

  17. Love Laguna...
    Found your blog today and look forward to strolling through it. I have a lot of house pics as well.

  18. Hi Janet :)

    Sounds like you had a great time in my old stomping grounds. It's beautiful and I miss it sometimes, but not enough to move back!

    Thank you for coming by and don't be sorry, because I hadn't checked in with you either.

    Have a great night,
    rue :)


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