Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am back and I had so much fun and such a relaxing, laid back time. I wanted to do some kind of travelogue for you, but find that the ADD is kicking in and making the organization tough. Clearly it is also making font sizes change as well. So without further ado here is the story of my Wednesday ( arrival day).

I flew into Ontario California, which for some reason was half as mush as flying into John Wayne and equidistant for my friend to pick me up. It was about 4:00 when I got into the car after flying from Providence to Las Vegas, (by way of Nashville) with just enough time for an iced caffe mocha and then on to California. Here we are arriving at the house.

Details of the front courtyard:

Can you smell how sweet this allysum smells?
Hear the trickle of the fountain?

Gaze in wonder at the Bouganvilla!! These plants are so rare to me that I can't spell them ;)

Doesn't my room look cozy with the late afternoon sun casting beautiful shadows on my comfy bed?
Thru the kitchen to this patio ( perfect for early morning coffee) and did you notice the hummingbird feeder?? I saw 4 while having coffee the next AM. Now up to:

The upper patio with just a few of the many roses in bloom. They are so gorgeous and so heavenly scented it just takes your breath away! After dinner we went for a lovely walk ( the temperature was about perfect...maybe 70 degrees). The rest of these pictures are from my friend's neighborhood. It is lovely, very different from anything we have here. All the houses are close together and each home has very little land, but there are greenbelts behind the streets that lead to parks, pools, spas and tennis courts. You can walk the whole neighborhood on the greenbelts if you aren't afraid of getting lost ( like me) and just take in the landscape or you can walk the streets ( no, I have never done this for a living!!) and peep at houses :) Here are some pictures of the neighborhood in no particular order.

Back to my friend's for a chat before bedtime. Tomorrow we will go to LA. It will be a long day with lots of pictures, so get your rest.



  1. Welcome home !!! Ahhh sun !!! xoxoxo Clarice

  2. Well Miss are living up to your name :-) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

  3. Oh, I did enjoy the wonderful pics...thanks for sharing your trip.
    hugs, bj

  4. Isn't it amazing how the flowers grow in Southern California? I've just had a couple (way too long) posts on my recent trip there too. Come on over and see if you want.

    I look forward to seeing more of your trip!

  5. The pictures are wonderful. The bougainvillea grow beautifully in South Florida, too. They are one of my favorite memories of home.

  6. What a gorgeous neighborhood. I can practically smell the flowers from here. Welcome home!

  7. Thanks for peeping around for us, lovely pics of the springtime flowers, neighborhood and nice guest bedroom! Must be nice to enjoy some warm sunshine!


  8. Janet, where is this neighborhood?!!! I swear it looks exactly like my mom's in Irvine! And I arrived on Thursday at Ontario airport - waaaaay cheeper than OC/John Wayne.

    Those 90+ degree temps were just heavenly, weren't they?!! (Especially since I returned home to Seattle and it is now SNOWING)


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