Saturday, April 19, 2008


I just need to take a minute and get this off my chest. I know the price of gas has been on everyone's mind as the costs just escalate. Here is my story. I know that gas here in Massachusetts is below the national average; I don't know why that is and I don't really care. Basically I am pretty frugal and I try not to drive just for the sake of driving, I plan my errands etc. ( Yeah, I know I was in the car a lot in LA and maybe that was selfish or maybe it was a well deserved and much enjoyed vacation, thank you Chic Hollywood Starlet. ) Back to my story...when I left here on April 9th, exactly 10 days ago, gas had been fluctuating between $3.09 and 3.11, but the morning I left it was 3.11. When I came back in the 15th it was 3.24. That seemed like a pretty big hike in 6 days. Thursday it was 3.29, Friday it was 3.34 and today it is 3.40. That is almost a 10% increase in ten days or 1% a day. What is going on and when will it stop??? I try to do my best to God and my country, to help other people at all times and to obey the Girl Scout laws ...does anyone remember this but me with my bizarre memory??, but it is getting ridiculous and I have to go by the gas station each time I go anywhere, so burying my head in the sand is not an option. Okay, enough said and my chest is feeling so much better. And oh yeah, I know a lot of you are paying a whole lot more and I truly do feel for you too :)

Maybe I will continue my California trip tomorrow because I worked outside all day and I am really tired tonight. It was a beautiful day and the yard is looking better, not good, but better.

Nighty night,


  1. Hi Janet,
    Oh yes, I remember the girl scout laws....great memories.

    Gas here is 3.45 today. Crazy.

  2. Yeah........remember when an inexpensive activity was to take the family on a "drive"....... even that's hard to do without calculating the cost in gas! I liked McCain's idea about suspending the gas taxes for the summer......I'm sure that will never happen....but it was a nice thought.

    Sunday Blessings......Rosie

  3. I for one feel much better after reading your vent. The price here yesterday was $3.45 for regular.

    No more pleasure rides for us, either.

  4. Well I work for a big oil company myself...and I don't understand it either, nor do employees get a discount, so ouch, hurting here too!

  5. It's a constant concern in my world. It's $3.49 at the discount station as of Saturday the 19th. Ackkk! I remember worrying about how we'd make it when it went to
    .69 when I was first married.

  6. I think it's horrible. Sometimes I notice what the person ahead of me bought from the pump, and it can range from $80.00 to just $5.00, where that person got a whole 1.4 gallons. I visited my mom last week and it cost me $45.00 round trip! A person definitely has to plan her errands. ::Jill

  7. I can see I missed quite a bit here in the last couple days. I will come back later when I have more time to look at all your pictures, but for now I wanted to say how funny that gas price graphic is that you used! Hilarious! Oh, and gas was $3.85 here today.

    In the words of our governor, "I'll be back!"

  8. I so used to love taking drives...that used to be a frugal activity. : ( Gas went up to 3.60 around here today.
    It is crazy.
    I think about those out West and the poor folks in Europe and Asia. The prices are out of control.

    I loved your rant and found it to be very rantastic!

    Our yard looks better but not as I would like. After spending 5 hours last week weeding the back beds I saw 3 very happy weeds blooming today! Dang 'em.



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