Thursday, June 19, 2008


Do you do puzzles? It is a fact that puzzles help keep your mind young and believe me, I need all the help I can get. I do these puzzles online saving paper and countless erasers!

Each day I do:

and a bunch of these:
How do you keep your mind fit? Really, I want to know.



  1. Actually, I was thinking this very thing the other day. Don't ask me when. Cause I don't remember! Really, I'm 51 and at-you-know-what age, so I'm forgetful. But I blame it on the you-know-what that men-don't-like-you-to-talk-about. Being female, you know what I mean. At least I think you're female. Normally, I just say what I think and blame it on that. Don't really know if there is an actual correlation. But it's my excuse for everything now!

  2. I try to do the daily sudoku puzzle in our local newspaper along with two cryptoquips...word scrambles. Sometimes they make me crazy, but I try to plug along...sometimes successful, sometimes not.

  3. I do any puzzles that I can salvage. My mother lives with us, and she is a keen doer of all puzzles.

    I get the remnants. :-)

  4. hi! i do sudoku and x-word puzzles everyday! with coffee. without my puzzles i'm irregular! i do them to keep sharp, (no comment, janet!!) and to keep calm. and i have them in my car for sitting on the freeway or when early to an appt. jkj

  5. Alas, my mind is as flabby as my thighs!

  6. Several of my friends have recently noted that one of the reasons they like to knit or crochet is because it's something that keeps the mind busy. I just do it because it gives me something to do, but they seem to think that if one keeps trying new and different patterns (as opposed to constantly knitting/crocheting from the same pattern just with different yarns) that it gives the mind a good workout.

    In my case, I get a workout trying to figure out why, when I've followed the directions exactly, and started a row with the proper number of stitches, I can end up one one more or one less stitch at the end of a row.

  7. Hi Janet :)

    Keep my mind fit??? I blog LOL

    Thank you for reminding me that the house doesn't have feelings, but you know how that is... ;)

    Don't you dare move to Ohio unless you plan on buying a different house of course LOL

    I love your mom's cross stitch, it's amazing that she still does it!

    Have a great night, er morning... it's late!
    rue :)

  8. I actually love to play "Brain Age" on my 13-year old's Nintendo DS. -Julia :-)

  9. Fit mind ???? What is that ??????? Clarice

  10. I do the crossword every day and I am sad to say I often fail at completeing it! Ack!
    Sometimes I play certain online games at night...brain type games.
    Still, my old brain is still fuzzy at times. Still I keep plugging along!!!

  11. I adore sudoku! When my husband was studying for the LSAT's, years ago, I loved to do the logic questions. He thought I was nuts.

  12. No wonder you were able to use the good vocabulary words from a couple posts earlier!

  13. My husband is *addicted* to the crossword puzzles in the 2 papers he gets daily. I don't care for them, but he's always asking me for my ideas on answers. ,-)))

    I say I keep my mind sharp... with my numerous email mail boxes. Remember them and their passwords. ,-) {That's my story and I'm sticking to it! -grin-}


  14. I dont do many puzzles, I read and keep busy. There are always problems to solve and I hope that will keep me sharp. I just try to stay busy and involved in life.


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