Friday, June 27, 2008


In just over three weeks we will be heading to Seattle to go on a cruise to Alaska. Everyone tells me I will love it, I know Bob will love it and that is important to me. He always goes where I want to go and he never, ever complains. What a guy, huh? So, if you have been on a cruise to Alaska, please tell me what to pack. I have heard that it is warmer than you think and I have heard that it is cold. says the average temp in Juneau and Ketchikan the end of July is usually 65 degrees, but you are cruising between walls of ice... at least some of the time.

I NEED your input.


PS: That is NOT us in the canoe. I am very afraid of water; but I muster the courage to go on cruises anyway. That's true love :>)


  1. is that you on the canoe?? lol! my advice: layers, with water repellent qualities. function over form...i cannot wait for the northern influence to appear in all the house-y snaps. have a wonderful time!jkj

  2. What a nice trip for the hot summer!I've heard you need a coat.

  3. Sorry, I'm no help on the what-to-pack department, but it sounds like great fun! Enjoy, and take loads of pictures!

  4. Janet

    I have no packing advice--but have a great time, what a chance of a lifetime!

  5. I have not been on a cruise since I was 10 but my in-laws went on an Alaskan cruise and they froze. The boat they were on normally does Caribbean cruise and the boat had no heat. There were some cold days and no heat, that is my only advice. Clarice

  6. Hi Janet and thank you for stopping by this morning. I'm still trying to get my blog to 'look right'! lol Yes, those are some of my little books from childhood. I was really a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys fan and wish I had all of those books. Those were the days to just read and read and read with no responsibilities - just eat! Well, I really wouldn't want to go back there but do cherish my memories.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Shelia ;)

  7. What a wonderful trip, especially at this time of year I am sure! I have never been on a cruis and so want to go. I would love to go in this type of cruise. It sounds heavenly!

    I always pack too much wherever I go!

    Take oodles of photos and have the most glorious time. I am green with envy but truly, I am so happy for you. What a romantic you are! My kinda girl!


  8. I'm no help to you this time, but I would love to be going with you.

    I'm always cold.

  9. That sounds like such a fun trip! Have a wonderful time!

  10. OK, so for once I might be of some help : ) I lived in Juneau for 8 years, and was just there this past spring. Here some tips:

    Layers- it might get up to 75 in Juneau, and it might be sunny - though no humidity (so great.) June/July is the BEST time to visit that part of the state. So pretty. If it doesn't rain the whole time. Which it probably won't. And even when it does rain, it's just this constant drizzle, not heavy soaking rain.

    You will need sweatshirts, hoodies, a bigger coat if you are going to go on the ice at all (glacier tours etc.)
    If you take a glacier tour in Junea u see if a guy named Adam G. is working on the helicopter tours (only one company) - he is married to my best friend.

    Do not take flip flops or cute sandals. If you have Teva type of sandal you might get to wear those. But otherwise just forget about open toe shoes - You will almost never wear or need them. Take socks and some shoes you don't mind getting wet.

    There is a Wal-Mart in Juneau - it will be the only place where you have big-box shopping options. So if there is something you find you need, Juneau will be the place to get it.

    When you go make sure you get coffee from Heritage Coffee Co. (It is downtown.) It has the best coffee and Mocha's- I dream of them.
    Most of the great shops are downtown - There is a cool bookstore called Hearthside, a great art/craft store called The Creating Place and 2 cute gift shops Ad Lib & Annie Kahls. Great local artist sell there.
    If you have time go to the State Museum in Juneau, it is too cool and very interesting. It is not too far from where the cruise ship docks. Also there is this crazy little box of a food stand across from the McDonalds downtown that sells the best Halibut Fish and Chips. You have to get your food and the walk back to the park (nearby) or somewhere to eat it, but it is totally worth it.

    Ok. I have written a novel here, but if you want some more info or tips or have questions you can always email me at

    Have a great trip! Wish I was going too!

  11. Hi Janet!! My dad has journeyed to Alaska and said it is THE BEST cruise yet! Pack a little bit of everything to layer, according to pops. Better to have too much than not enough.

    Enjoy your trip!!


    LOL: The "right coast!" I loved it!!

  12. Oh, how fun! My family publishes lots of books on Alaska...I hope you bought a ton for research! :-)

    Enjoy yourself!

    Happy day!


  13. Oh lucky you! I just went last year on a cruise there. I was going to back this year but then plans got changed when my brother had a stroke. We are going to go next year (God willing).

    You will LOVE your trip. You can do what you want when you want and the shore excursions the ship offers are wonderful. But, when you get off the dock there are little companies right there that offer the same trips for a lower price.

    The glaciers are beautiful! Everything about Alaska is wonderful.

    Pack pretty much what you would wear at home. Jeans, pants, t-shirts and so on but be sure to bring a jacket and one with a hood is best in case it does rain. Hardly anyone used umbrellas there even though it poured when I was there.

    It didn't get that cold when I was there. I had a coat that had a liner in it so it could be either like a wind breaker or a heavy jacket if the liner was in. I just used it as a wind breaker as the jacket just was to hot for me.

    What cruise line are you going on? I went on Holland America and it was lovely.

    I'm jealous you are going. Wish I was. But I am going to the Mexican Riviera in Sept and the Caribbean in Dec so I guess that will have to do for now.

    You should check out there is tons of info there and you can even check to see if anyone there is going on the same cruise. You will spend hours there.

    Have fun!

  14. Hi Janet :)

    My mom went on a cruise to Alaska and her best advice was to wear layers. If I remember correctly, she said that inside ship was warm because of the elderly people, but outside changed from cold to warm frequently. She didn't think she was going to love it as much as she did, but she also said once was enough. I think that's because she was with her now ex-husband though LOL

    Have a great time!

  15. I can't help you with what to pack, but I wanted to say that I hope you have a nice trip. Everyone I know who goes to Alaska loves it.

  16. Hey Janet: I went on an Alaska cruise in July 10 years ago. Layers is certainly a good suggestion. Touring the towns I was quite comfortable in slacks and a sweatshirt...with a short sleeve shirt underneath in case it gets really warm...which it did a few times. On the ship it will get cold and windy as it maneuvers close to the ice. I wore a windbreaker over a heavy sweater with even more layers underneath. If you want to be out on deck as the ship nears the ice (I heartily recommend it), you will need something to cover your ears and DEFINITELY gloves. Very windy! Our best excursion was a seaplane trip out of Juneau to a mountain cabin that served fresh grilled salmon. What a treat! You will love it!!

  17. I just returned from an Alaskan cruise on the NCL Pearl. It was wonderful! I don't know if your ship stops in Victoria B.C., but if it does, make sure to visit Butchart Gardens. Well worth the price of ticket!!! As for what to pack, make sure you follow the advice written by the other posters. At the times the ship was in Alaska, the temperature never got above 62 F. On the other hand, it never got below 45 F. Poster Jurusalem summed it up perfectly. I would definately take a light raincoat that you can put a sweatshirt or sweater on underneath. If you have waterproof shoes or boots, I would take them. You will not have much of a chance to wear shorts, sandals, etc, but will be able to wear them in Victoria and Seattle. If you have time before you fly home, make sure to visit Seattle's Pike's Market which is within walking distance from where the ships are located. Also, if you can arrange a city tour, do so. If was alot of fun and quite interesting. If your ship cruises Glacier Bay, make sure you keep you eyes pealed for whales! We saw many. Make sure you take binoculars or buy them on board. You can spot them and other wildlife much easier with them. In Skagway, take the evening ride on the White Pass and Yukon Railway. It is a fabulous ride with unbelievable views...use binoculars to look for goats on the sides of the mountains. Watch for bears...we saw one!

    Have a great time...Sheila from west Michigan


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