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I was always good with math when I was a student. That was up until the time I met Abstract Math and Algebra and Logarithms. Once we got to that stage I lost all confidence in my ability and never took any math in college. Strange, but I have always loved working with numbers. Back in my banking days I worked in loan servicing and loved figuring out the interest calculations and escrow analyses. This was before the days of computers and I would probably not enjoy it as much if I didn't have to figure it out. Apparently the time has come to test my rusty skills. As I have mentioned my MIL was not financially savvy and never really knew what kind of money it took to run the household and now it is my job to figure it out. What are the current and projected expenses and what kind of money will she need week to week to feed , clothe and house herself?? Good questions and I will be poring over bills past and present and bank statements trying to come up with the answer. Wish me luck and for that poor woman who doesn't like to cook and hasn't cooked in years, well she may need a crash course in grocery shopping and cooking. She is welcome to eat here anytime she wants, but I suspect she will only take us up on our invitations once or twice a week and she wants no part of Meals on Wheels!

In more exciting news Susie Q has devised an award for her readers and since it has been a very long time since I received an award I am going to grab it. If you don't know Susie Q you really should get to know her. Not only is she fun and funny, but she is an excellent writer and photographer and all around nice person! Go visit her and tell her I sent you. Thanks Sue for the awesome award.

Back to the bank statements,


  1. Hi, Janet...hope you are doing good.
    I took the award home with me, is beautiful.
    Good luck with your accounting...

  2. I'm not a fan of accounting and/or budgeting. Good luck!

  3. Hey Janet! We're so glad that you liked your gift! Sounds like you are in for a long road aheaad! We hope that your mother-in-law warms up to the ideas of meals on wheels and other decisions that need to be made in the next few months!!
    Take care & hoping for a great week for you!
    Karla & Karrie

  4. Congrats on the award and thanks for coming over and saying hello!! Have a great week!

  5. Janet

    Good luck to you figuring out the finances--I can never seem to get the money thing straight!

  6. Hi Janet, I love Susie Q.'s award and happy that you received it. UGH...I hate math.

  7. OH MY!!! mil will be in for a surprise! janet, you will have her shipshape before she knows what hit her! really, i'm sure you will have her finances in order and working numbers (if not funds) pretty quickly. and you may find you want to reenter the banking world instead of real estate, although the los angeles times said that housing prices were starting up! good news for all! have fun, i can just see you with the calculater and a visor and pencils/paper and erasers... jkj

  8. typo...calculator jkj

  9. I'm glad your MIL has you to help her out.

    Susie Q's award is beautiful! I love her. She's so much fun. -Julia

  10. I have been doing these things for longer than I can remember, so I'm safe there. I won't be able to change my oil, good thing there is a Jiffy Lube down the street. Good luck with your MIL, you'll need it...and so will she.

  11. I have had all of you in my thoughts so often these past weeks.
    Your MIL will come around...they usually do eventually. Oh my but I am also not a fan of anything to do with numbers. *shriek*
    Good luck but I think all will go well...

    You are TOO sweet to showcase this award. I will tell you that no one deserves this any more than you dear friend. I have been a terrible blogger this Summer and I guess I wnted a way to thank all of you who have become so dear to me, for hanging with me.

    And you know I love your blog, and you too!


  12. Oh Janet.

    This is what I love to do. Wish I could help.

    Becky K.

  13. Anything to do with math is totally not my thing so I wish you all the luck getting it straightened out!!!

  14. Hi Janet,
    I don't envy you...math and budgets were never my strong point. Even harder under your circumstances...

  15. Good luck. I lost my love for math as the courses progressed, too. But, I still do enjoy the fundamentals.

    Great award.

  16. Hi Janet :)

    I hope things are better now. Good luck with the bill thing. That must be so tough for her.

    Congratulations on your award! I love Sue :)

    LOVE the homes in the other post!!


  17. she's lucky she didn't get stuck with me! I can read and remember almost word for word...but don't put numbers in front of makes me go completely blank! I hate them...
    good luck

  18. Dear Janet, I have been thinking about you lots and wondering how things are going. It's not an easy time at the moment for you all. Here's blog hug to encourage you! Love Eleanor

  19. Oh, not fun to be doing paperwork, accounting, budgeting or any other such thing.

    Take care this weekend! And congrats on that lovely award!


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