Monday, August 4, 2008


I wanted to have a big lead up to my story about lunch in Poulsbo, Washington, with some pictures from her blog that you might remember or recognize, but being the clever woman she is all her photos are somehow protected and even when I save them from Google Images they will. not. download! Drat! Okay, now they seem to work. Do you recognize the "Headless Blogger"?

Delightful Hoosier Cabinet in the kitchen

A French tin I sent her last fall filled with acorns

Without further ado, I give you lunch with Clarice. I am sure that many of you know Clarice of StoryBook Woods. She is soon to be published in Somerset Life. She was very helpful when I set up my blog and was so very green. If patience is a virtue, she is a very virtuous woman. Anyway, I drove to StoryBook Woods and after a couple of attempts had Clarice stand at the end of the hidden driveway so that I would not pass it again, lol. She was right when she said it was hard to see until you were right on it! Storybook Woods is every bit as charming as the pictures she posts on her blog. I got the grand tour and then got to meet her sweet daughters, Chloe and Auberne ( sorry I don't have the accent ague on my computer for the proper spelling) and husband David. We dropped the girls and went to Poulsbo, a quaint Scandinavian town on the Kitsap Peninsula, for lunch at a place called Mor Mor Bistro. I had the crab melt which was heavenly, but they only give you half and I could easily eat three halves it was so good. Clarice, being the gourmet that she is, had the Lobster Ravioli. I can get delicious Lobster Ravioli any time in Providence, but Crab Melts are not a sandwich we have around these parts. And oh are they good, especially at Mor Mor.

Anyway, we ate and talked and talked , hope I didn't talk too much, but she is like an old friend even though we had never met and then we went in a lot of really cute shops and then we had dessert at a French Bakery. Chocolate Pots de Creme, OMG was it delicious.... just chocolaty enough, not too sweet. I want some more right now. And then we stopped at her Mom's house. Her Mom lives in a new community of Craftsman style bungalows within walking distance of downtown Poulsbo. I loved her and her house and all her decorating. She claims to have "East Coast Envy" and I have "West Coast Envy" so we would get along great. Maybe we can arrange a house swap!

That's it for now. My FIL is in the hospital again and my parents are coming Friday. My Dad is very allergic to paint fumes so the bathroom painting will have to wait. What a great excuse, huh??



PS. I couldn't upload my signature, so maybe Clarice's photos aren't protected, maybe there is something else wrong with the computer...eeek! Say it isn't so...please. Seems OK now, a brief 5 minutes later, go figure ;)


  1. I too have West Coast envy...and I've never been. It seems like everything I read about Seattle or Portland (so maybe I just have PNW envy) make me want to be there.

    Having a giveaway...come on over!

  2. Sorry about your father-in-law being back in the hospital.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time. And, I think I might want one of those sandwiches, too.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's always nice to meet up with blog friends in person.

    I'm happy you had a great day and enjoyed your time together.

    I'm so sorry about your FIL and will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. I am catching up with you Janet...I am sorry about your FIL. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
    You surely did have a wonderful time didn't you? I look forward to seeing even more pictures!

    I think it is fantastic that you meet your bloggy friend! What a treat for you both. I am still hoping that I can get something going in NYC for a blog weekend next year. 2009 is might fine for a Bloggy Babe Tour!

    I always loved the West Coast. We lived in San Diego and Bill was stationed near San Francisco where Dan I stayed for 4 months. It was heavenly...we were in Oregon and Washigton state and all over Northern CA and it is so sweet.

    But I envy you the Alaskan cruise! I have always wanted to do that...some day! For now I will live vicarioulsy through you!

    I have missed you!


  5. Oh how fun to meet a fellow blogger :o)Sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time?!?!?! Sorry to hear about your FIL, I will keep him in my prayers.

  6. well, didn't the two of you have fun? isn't it wonderful to find the real world as great as the blog world?!?! we are all jealous of your outing/meeting.
    now you are back in the REAL world, with tempermental computers and health issues. i hope BOTH return to normal right away! keep those snaps coming! jkj

  7. Oh Janet it was a blast to meet you. We did eat well didn’t we. I am very sorry about your FIL. I hope he is feeling better very soon. oxoxox Clarice

  8. Hi Janet!
    So glad you are home and had a wonderful time! I wish I could have gone with you. I have always wanted to go to Alaska. I think fall of 2009 we are going to Oregon and Washington for a week.

    So sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope he is feeling better and able to return home soon.

  9. Janet,
    How great that you were able to meet a blog friend in person, sounds like you had such a great time. Hope you FIL is better soon.

  10. I have never visited her blog, but will do so after catching up on your posts. Sounds like you had an awesome time on the WEST coast. haha. It is lovely out here, huh?

    All of a sudden I got a craving for chocolate.....


  11. I love the apron Clarice is wearing. Is there a pattern for it somewhere?

  12. Elizabeth,

    I can't find a way to contact you, so I will just post the info here. I went back and checked and Clarice mentioned she got the apron pattern from the Susan Branch website, Hope this helps; it is a very cute apron and someone said it gives you a waist! A waist? I would certainly like one of those.


  13. Hello Elisabeth and Janet, the free pattern is here.



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