Sunday, August 31, 2008


I went to Holliston today to look at a couple of my favorite shops. Before I left I took a little walk to check out some of the homes.

Then I found a "Dead End Street". These were the only houses on this street; a "Street of Dreams", perhaps?
Talk about a house to get lost in, wow!

From the other side, not fond of the replacement windows, but what are you gonna do?

This one is my absolute favorite. So quintessential New England!

The rest of my favorite. What about that Carriage House??

Next door

Across the street

Picture perfect ( even if not perfect picture).The house at the "dead end".

Perhaps I should return to this street when the leaves turn in October.


  1. That last house is so pretty. It is picture perfect. Can't wait to see the fall leaves on that street!

  2. Janet-These houses are abslolutely gogeous! Thanks so much for sharing. Are your favorite shops in holliston "the holliston antiques store", the french market(love the girls that own it) & the wonderful shop next to the french market?? I go up there all the time! Have fun at Natick Collections-I love the very french store & have lots of their stuff. I really love to go to shabby chic & just stand in the front & look right down to the end of the store & look into a sea of white. Have a wonderful weekend! :) chris p.s. keep the beautiful home shows coming!

  3. P.S.S. I don't have a clue why I signed in as "michael said, so I just signed in again-")

  4. Yes, do go back in Autumn! What a beautiful street of homes - so completely different than what we have here in California! ::Jill

  5. I love these....don't care which one!

  6. ooooh, the second white house with the green shutters. i'm living THERE! (regardless of the current owners...) wow. so fun to see, much more fun than shopping! jkj

  7. Akkk, I am ready to move in !!! Clarice

  8. i do love these homes so much. would love to take inside tours.... maybe you can knock on some doors on your next trip? hehe.. :o)

  9. So beautiful!
    Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day,
    kari & kijsa

  10. Janet, I just love when you go for your walks. These homes are just gorgeous. I love the one with carriage house.

  11. Oh, I just wish they built houses like they used to. Those are lovely...really big, too.
    Hug ~ Alexandra

  12. Oh Janet, your favorite is mine, too! We are thinking of building a "carriage house" so that we can convert our attached one and a half car garage to living space, and I just love that style! All the houses are wonderful. I love New England!

  13. Hi Janet, These homes are all beautiful.I love New England also.Thanks again for sending people to my blog. Carolyn

  14. Should you maybe call it the Weekend Stalk-By? That's what my family calls it when I take pictures of other people's homes!
    Holliston has so much to offer w/great grand homes as well as farm houses!

  15. I love all those houses! I think your favorite is my favorite too! I could just live in the carriage house!


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