Saturday, August 2, 2008


Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle

I am not sure where Bob is with regards to the Alaska pictures, but I can tell you that he took literally hundreds of shots. When they are ready for me to post ( a small selection), I will do so. In the meantime, let me regale you with tales of the trip.

Direct flight from Boston to LAX. This flight always gives me pause as I can't help but think of 9/11. But the flight was fine, had an expensive cheeseburger at Ruby's in the airport and after a couple hour layover we went on to Seattle. I didn't have a window seat for this leg of the journey so I didn't get to see much of the topography. Arrived in Seattle and took a shuttle to our downtown hotel near Pier 66. My son and his girlfriend met us and took us to Chinooks, a casual seafood restaurant at the fishing terminal. Super menu, but I was too excited to see Brett to concentrate on the menu. I had Halibut and Chips and a dessert called Burnt Cream aka Creme Brulee.

Spent some time Saturday morning roaming about Seattle and then got Bob's favorite clam chowder for lunch. Off to Alaska on Saturday afternoon. The Norwegian Star is certainly much larger and posher than the Norwegian Majesty which we have taken to Bermuda. Very nice, but who designs the decor for these ships? Nothing seems to flow in the lounges or restaurants and they are just gaudy, but I guess some simple decor on a cruise ship would too ordinary.

The scenery was beautiful, the weather...not so much. It was too cold to spend time on the deck so mostly I sat in a lounge and read countless books while occasionally glancing about for whales, eagles etc. I was not too successful in the wildlife department. Back to the weather....mid 50s and drizzly. I sure am glad I sprung for the wind/rain breaker and the fleece vest.

Monday was Ketchikan and there is not much happenin' there. We were docked for 5 hours, but we had walked the whole town and had lunch in 3 hours and it started to pour and we got pretty wet getting back to the ship. Tuesday was Juneau and I took Jerusalem's advice and went to Heritage coffee for a Mocha and went in a shop she recommended and bought a small print and some cards. We also took a bus to see the Mendenhall Glacier which is pretty darn impressive. That afternoon we sailed up the Tracy Arm Fiord and got as close as we could to the Sawyer Glacier, but there was too much ice floe for us to get very near.

Wednesday was Skagway all day and again it was cold and very windy ( little rain though) and again we walked the entire town and were done very quickly. As beautiful as nature is in Alaska, the towns survive on cruise ship traffic and cater to the souvenir crowd. Housepeeping isn't much fun there and I didn't take any pictures because it seemed mean. The bus driver that took us to the glacier explained how there are few roads and there is no way for people to get rid of stuff, so dead cars and all kinds of "junk" just live in the yards.

I am going to leave you with a few pictures I took of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. This is where we stayed on the night we got back from the cruise ( and for a week last fall). Hopefully Bob has pictures of the Gaslight Inn, our resting spot for the night. For now be happy I am back and that I have a few pix for you, OK?

It is $1,250,000. Wish I could have stayed for the Open House> I could hear the vacuum running inside. Good seller!!

And next time I will tell you about my lunch with a soon to be famous Blogger.



  1. Wwo, what amazing houses. Maybe I should actully get on a ferry boat and check it out !!!!! Clarice

  2. Janet, I am glad you are safely returned, and I'm grateful that you were to take some time away. I know you were so glad to get to see your son.

    You are the best at sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  3. hey janet! i'm thrilled you are back blogging. thanks for the pix of seattle. isn't it the best??!! i can't tell if you liked your trip? the weather sure was weather-y, which makes it harder to rave. did you have fun? did bob? and how are the in-laws? tell bob to get a move on those alaska photos,ok?? (lol) jkj

  4. Hi Janet, welcome back. Hmmmm I can't wait to see the photos, but your post sounded kinda like you weren't thrilled with the trip? I guess I'll wait to see your next post, and of course I'm anxious to see your new bathroom!

  5. Hi Janet,

    I am really interested in your Alaska trip. We were going to plan the land and sea trip this summer but circumstances prevented it this year. We hope to make it next summer. I like the idea of the cruise but am not excited about the land trip. The pictures of the houses are beautiful. This is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed it.

  6. Oh you just reminded me of my cruise to Alaska last year. I had so much fun. I did see a bear out in the wild. That was such a thrill.

    I loved every stop we had. It was all so pretty.

    Did you do any shore excursions? I went to a rain forest, took s simi sub ride and had signed up to do the dog sleed trip and a helicopter ride but they both were cancelled due to weather that day. I can't wait to go back though.

    Can't wait to see your pictures.


  7. Hi Janet, Nice to have you back. I don't know much about Alaska, cold and drizzly...not so good. We had a friend quit his job and relocate to Skagway to run a restaraunt, lasted 1 year. He said that the only thing to do in the off season was drink and feel sorry for yourself. Cruise ships, a bit like Las Vegas in the water.

  8. Glad your back safely and rested. Sounds like it was an extraordinary trip. Thank you for the kind compliments about my poetry. You always give me a boost. :)
    Hugs ~

  9. Hi Janet, I loved your description of your trip. You told it like no travel agent would have. My sister went on an Alaskan cruise and loved it. Maybe some day for me. ~ Lynn

    P.s. I know that excitement very well on seeing your son. I am happy for you.

    P.S.S. Did you ever watch that television show Men in Trees? About living in Alaska? I loved the show but it got cancelled.

  10. I am waiting to see who you lunched with...

    Looks like a beautiful trip...except I would love to decorate the cruise cool would that be?!?!?

    Becky K.

  11. What a dream neighborhood! I'm so excited, we're taking a trip up there before summers over. It is 110 here today. I CANNOT wait for some rainy cool weather. :)

  12. Wonderful homes! I love Seattle and the old homes, the weather and the shopping.

    Thank you for sharing.


  13. The weather makes all the difference. It is a shame that they have had almost no sun this summer - absolutely unlike Juneau and Southeast in the summer. Usually it is sunny and so beautiful, but the rain and the low clouds do make everything less than exciting to say the least. Lol. And the trip to the Glacier in Juneau is not as scenic as you would hope huh? Oh well! I am glad you got to go to Heritage and a few other of the cute shops. Your Seattle pictures are lovely!


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