Friday, November 7, 2008


View of Boston from the Cambridge side of the Charles River

Wednesday I went to Cambridge, home of MIT and Harvard ( get it??) ,with my hubbie. While he worked in the morning I wandered across the Harvard Bridge to the Back Bay of Boston and browsed (really I didn't buy a thing) a few shops on Newbury Street. Very nice shopping, but way too posh for my current budget for sure. Then I walked back across the Charles River("Love That Dirty Water"...remember that song?) to Cambridge and off we went to Harvard Square. We had lunch and then we walked and walked and I know that we walked at least 6 miles and that doesn't even include my little side trip to the Back Bay in the morning. The first pictures here are a few I took as I ambled about in the Back Bay. The rest are of either some buildings from Radcliffe College ( now a part of Harvard) or of Brattle Street. There will be limited commentary so that you can enjoy the very impressive buildings and private homes. I believe the late Julia Childs lived on Brattle Street. Many of these homes date from the late 17oos and some from as late as the early 1900s. The prices are astronomical and there is a lot of "old money" and a tremendous amount of American History on this street. I can't imagine the maintenance required in homes of this age or size to say nothing of the property taxes. Several are being extensively worked roofs, new paint, new *this* economy. Okay, sit back and enjoy.

Even city folks decorate for fall!

The Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House built 1759
Home to George and Martha Washington during the British seige of Boston
Later Home to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It was here that he and his wife, Fanny Appleton raised their five children and he wrote such poems as "The Song of Hiawatha" and "Paul Revere's Ride". The home is open to the public seasonally, but apparently not this season. Beautiful grounds with formal gardens in the back. Next year I hope to go and tour the house and gardens, I amagine they are lovely in the summer.

A former Carriage House that was next to the rear grounds of the Longfellow House. Hard to see, but it was so beautiful hidden behind the golden leaves on a cloudy day. The epitome of cozy.

I am going to end here for today so that I can get some cleaning/laundry/errands done. More on Saturday or Sunday.

Edited to add: Julia didn't live on Brattle Street, but on a street closer to Harvard Yard. Whoops!


  1. Hi Janet, I just found out my settings for "feeds" werent correct, so I had someone help me change them, so sorry about the delay! every time I think im getting the tech stuff down, it throws me for a loop. :) anyway, glad you stopped by for the Give-Away in time!!

    and WOW, that is some tour, every single house was gorgeous!! I love all the old Architecture, its so stunning, what a beautiful area too! I could live there :)

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend !!

    ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  2. These homes are so beautiful and filled with such wonderful history! They make you sigh with envy. I can't wait to see your other posts!

  3. my feet hurt! never should have worn these shoes on the tour! wow. i feel like i was there! how wonderful on the eyes! like you, i cannot imagine the cost of living there! and i cannot wait to see MORE! jkj

  4. Janet,

    Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes.

    Wow! If I lived in one of those homes, I would be inspired to write poetry or be a public statesman of my time, too.

    Thank you for the lovely tour.


  5. What a BEAUTIFUL Post Janet! Thanks for the wonderful things you said on Isa's post about me and the blog. I really appreciate that!

  6. Looking at your pictures is much more enjoyable than cleaning/laundry/errands!I would love to visit Hah Vud some tam.

  7. Hi Janet :)

    I'm loving this tour! How wonderful to live that close to such history and beauty :)


  8. oh I have some serious house envy! The fall colors are beautiful!
    And now I have that song running through my head! I DO remember it!

  9. Janet~Thanks so much for the gorgeous shots from our neck of the woods. Makes me feel like I need a quick trip to boston this week!LOL! The homes are amazing & combined with their history make them even more fascinating! :) chris

  10. I have to say Boston is one of my favorite places. We were on vacation and I made my family go to open houses on one day. I kept saying I could live here and my kids were worried I make them move. My husband said I needed to take my California-self there in January...not sure what he meant by that. Thanks for the wonderful pics of that area I love!

  11. The title is too funny !
    It is all about the enunciation in this part of town.

    Thank you for taking us on tour around all these beautiful homes full of history to match their interesting architecture

  12. That looks like a lovely area to visit. I love history and homes so that looks to be perfection!

    I loved this post!

    Becky K.

  13. Wow! Thank you for the stunning tour! Your photos are wonderful. The Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House and carriage house were particularly gorgeous - and that church! I love the frame of trees - what a riot of color! Just beautiful.

    Thanks for coming over to my world, I'm glad I followed you over here. I'll definitely be back again and again.


  14. Oh, Janet! That tour was absolutely magnificent. I love walking amongst history. Thank you.

  15. I love all these homes! Thanks for the tour. ::Jill


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