Saturday, November 1, 2008


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Most of the Maples and other brightly colored trees have shed their leaves and are ready to retire for the year. The Oaks, however, are in their glory. Is it just me or are the trees becoming more glorious each year? The Oaks are like a tapestry of gorgeous colors...russet reds, chestnut browns, dijon mustard golds, dusty dark cranberries and today I saw a burnished orange that was spectacular. I wanted to take pictures, but I found that as I neared each tree, it was so many shades of autumn that I really couldn't capture its beauty, so I decided to leave ( ??) it to your imagination. Today was another autumn gift in the 60s. Each time we have a day like this I rejoice, as it may be the last one for many months, but oh, how I enjoy the warmth of the sun and the beauty of the colors of fall.

Hope you enjoyed your day as well.



  1. Our trees aren't at peak yet, but they are beautiful. I agree that autumn seems more beautiufl each year.

  2. Hey Janet! Thanks for the email!!
    Keep checking the blog and we'll show you what you'll miss....just got back from the store's coming along nicely (we are amazed that we are this far along - ha - ususally it is 12am on Thursday evening!!)

    The leaves this year are just lovely - don't you think? We've got some brilliant red service berry trees this year - they are 4 years old, and this is the first we've seen this color!!

    Glad everything is going your banner!! We've wanted to get something up - but can't make up our mind yet!!
    LOL - Karla & Karrie

  3. I've tried to take pictures of the beautiful leaves also but my camera just can't capture the true color and beauty of what I'm seeing. I do so love this time of year! I did manage to get some good pictures of my grandbaby playing in the leaves though and made an 8x10 of one of the pictures.

  4. hi! love the new blog look. and the trees. the oaks are gorgeous. my leaves you sent me were gorgeous if "quite" dry... covet, covet(in response to *that* post). jkj

  5. We don't get the beautiful colors here in CA so whenever I do spot a tree I dream about how pretty it would be to have a lot of them lining the streets.

    It rain this morning and our days are finally cooling off. So yes, I am enjoying the day! I love cold raining days the most. But, overcast is great too.


  6. I like your house! Very east-coast. ::Jill


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