Friday, November 14, 2008


144 Brattle Street sold recently for $3,777,350 in 34 days. I swear I took a picture of this very house, but it is gone. There is approximately 5900 square feet of living space and don't worry there is an elevator from the basement to the third floor. Taxes are $19,400 per year, pretty reasonable for the size, location and the history. Just a couple of pictures for you to enjoy the ambience.

Lovely staircase...just picture Loretta Young, hand on railing

Cabinets not my style, but I would live with them forever to have that stove. I also love the chandelier over the table, sort of Gothic/Spanish and moody. And I would use all the copper pans ( I use mine all the time and sometimes I even polish them!)OK, so there is vinyl on the what?I would write my memoirs at that desk in the window while watching colorful leaves slowly drift by, or maybe snowflakes. The room just looks so welcoming and I think I can smell soup simmering from the kitchen.

Then I would retreat to my bedchamber with a cozy fire to read before retiring.

Fantasy over..back to life with my abcessed molar.



  1. hi Janet! I'm sorry you have a sore tooth! did you know my dad is a dentist? :) I love the photo's of this beautiful home & the commentary along with them~I wonder what the taxes are? LOL! Have a great weekend~Chris P.S. I hope by monday your sore tooth is history!

  2. Beautiful home. I absolutely love the front shot. All those windows, it's just perfect.

  3. I just cannot believe the price Janet. Now I know why they are leaving MA and coming to Raleigh - you should see what you can get here for half of that kind of money!!!!!

    Sorry about your tooth - hope you will soon feel better.

  4. amazing. fun to see. way better than a trip to the dds. jkj

  5. Oh I LOVE your blog. I spend so much time looking at mls listings online, i AM A HOUSEPEEPER! Im hoping we will get an upswing soon around here...houses that were around 500,000 5 years ago are selling for under 4....NOT GOOD!We are hoping the economy picks up since we are looking to sell in about a year or two....great blog!

  6. What an absolutely stunning home! I love a place with history, it's like you can add your own page to the book! Your tour was wonderful and the commentary was fabulous.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  7. Awwww, hope your tooth is better!

    and thanks for such a pretty tour too! I adore fantasy pics, they are so fun to dream about !!what beautiful homes!!

    ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  8. Hi Janet,
    Hope your tooth gets better really soon! There is nothing worse than a tooth ache...

    Thses homes are all so beautiful. I love older homes. If I could, an older home would be my home of choice.

  9. Wow, that was fast! And in this market, too. The house two doors down from us (brand new, custom built, people decided to sell) has been for sale 2.5 years.
    Hope your tooth is better.

  10. Gorgeous home!

    Maybe someday in a future life, I will have a home that looks like that. I can dream in the meantime.

  11. You got me with the desk and soup line, it looks like 'home' doesn't it? Really comfortabe in its own beautiful way.

    Thanks for taking us on tour of all these beautiful homes.

  12. Other than the kitchen needing some work the house is great!

  13. How I love older homes...this one is just gorgeous. That stircase alone would do it for me. : )
    Ah...writing at that desk while watching the snow fall...hey! i woudl SO buy a copy of your memoirs. : )



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