Monday, January 5, 2009


In the spirit of a dialogue I have decided to comment on your comments regarding my last post. Seems like a lazy way to respond to you, but I have a severe case of tendonitis in my right hand and I am eating copious amounts of Motrin and typing with one finger...Dr. tomorrow. I have already had Carpal Tunnel surgery on both hands 16 years ago, so I know where this intense pain, can't even close my hand is headed, but enough of my pains.

Penny commented about the Property Shop show on HGTV and my response is that I have seen Tatiana on "Buy Me" on occassion and I really do.not. like. her. She seems way too overbearing and egotistical. Not the image of Realtors that I wish to see portrayed.

Red Shoes is worried about my cancer post. Thanks for the concern Bridgette but I am fine ( well except the finger/hand thing), but a friend, who is a cancer survivor multiple times, asked me to pass it along. Also my MIL died of Metastatic Renal Cancer so it seemed like a tribute to pass the wish for a prayer along.

Anonymous vented and I think venting is great. Come back anytime and vent all you want. Perhaps HGTV needs to read and hear some of our vents. Seems most of you feel the same way.

Habbala, I went to your blog to read and it wouldn't let me comment, perhaps your comments have been "diabled". I would have just e-mailed you privately to let you know, but I didn't see an e-mail listed. You have a cute blog and I love that someone your age has domestic ideas and talents. Don't worry about Beef can't ruin something with good wine in it..the wine will hide a multitude of sins!!

Susie Q is missing the older shows and I agree that Kitty B was the best; I think I have seen every one of her shows multiple times. I think many of us "Old Broads", and I use the term very kindly, lol, miss the older shows with more mature hosts and ideas that were not always the same old look.

Rue comments about the re-sell shows and how they all look alike and I couldn't agree more, but from a Realtor point of view I understand how staging for a target audience is important. Like Rue, I like Property Virgins, but again as a Realtor I have a problem with Sandra Rinomato. At first the show was in Canada and I don't know how Real Estate licensing works in Canada, but now she is all over the US. Does she have a license in each state to practice Real Estate? I am such a stickler for details..yada yada. Also on the new shows it looks like someone dipped her in the paint box as my Grandmother used to say. She is really made up! I am more of a subtle girl(I use the term really loosely) myself. It is amusing to watch the "virgins" B*tch and moan about the price and condition of homes in their price range.

Liz, I noticed there was a new episode of Decorating Sense on this morning at 11:00. I was excited and then horrified that Joan Steffen has been replaced by a young blond host and the show has taken on the same "vibe" as all the other shows. D.C. was kinda the last holdout from the shows I loved. My favorite designers over the years were Barbara Sculati and Krista Crawford, but I imagine they have gone the way of Kitty B and Joan Steffen.

On the homefront, the cleanout of the House from Hell continues. We are making progress, but it is slow. We have to make trips to the Salvation Army and St Vincent dePaul when they are open and we have donated anything that we feel can be used. We are on our second dumpster of trash..I have never seen so much make-up, shampoo etc. Most is old or opened and I will not attempt to find a home for that stuff. This weekend I gave away 15 trash bags full of various yarns to Nursing Homes, Senior Centers and anyone who would take it. I still have another closet with 14 more boxes of yarn to sort. It is absolutely overwhelming! I think of all my "imaginary friends", ie: blog friends and wish I could send you the vintage Santas or the small amount of milk glass etc, but quite honestly I just can't even take the time or energy to sort it out, bring it home and then ship it off. It is *that* overwhelming! Bob is back to work today after almost two weeks off and I intended to go over there and work on the rest of the yarn, but the hand is far worse than it was and I can't close my hand enough to hold onto the steering wheel. Maybe I will just nake a nice strong cup of "Pleasant Morning Buzz" and try to find something amusing on probably won't be HGTV.



  1. Hi Janet!

    I felt so honored to get a mention in your blog. I have no idea why the comments weren't working, but I think I fixed it.

    Thanks for the kind words.


  2. great way to address comments...may use that one day! I wish we had some of the hgtv shows that you guys in the US have no idea what pathetic is until you watch the canadian version of that channel! I don't even bother with it anymore! it is just SAD.
    feel better soon friend. I think I may be catching something from my kids...and trying desperately to fight it off!

  3. LOL! Yes, I think that Tatiana is really egotistical,,,If I had a realtor like that I would walk - nope - run away and fast!

    I miss Kitty Bartholemew. All the shows are so similar now. I keep hoping some new great cottage style show will come back on.

    Wish I could come up there and help you clean out the house.

  4. Vintage Santas and milkglass!?! Maybe I should come there!

  5. Hope you feel better. I managed to escape surgery with a sling, but now I can feel it creeping back.
    Take care.

  6. Hi Janet,
    I'm sorry to hear about your hand - surely a cuppa nice tea and a lovely scone would help a tiny little bit! :)
    I wonder, do you find that the experience of cleaning/sorting your MIL's collected 'stuff' motivates/inspires you to pare down and clean out your own home? I found that to be the effect on me when I helped with my grandmother's house a couple of years ago. I have a fear of becoming a pack-rat and clutter feels suffocating. It makes it interesting around here because my husband is a collector of 'stuff'.

  7. hi janet. it is wonderful to have you back online. i'm sorry that your hand(s) is/(are) hurting you. i wish i could help you schlep the stuff to the right organization and ease your load. i hope you do not need surgery. i know it is hard to have to devote so much time and energy to a house other than your own, when you have your own projects you'd LOVE to have given such attention.(esp with dear bob helping!)
    my favorite show is (was?)divine design, with candice o. and then decorating cents. i hate the kitchen one. who has a budget from 30 to 50k for a kitchen-i mean what does that range mean? labor? i don't get it, and never like what that woman comes up with. i really don't like the realtor on prop.v's. and i agree with you about the clients dissing COLORS or surfaces in potential homes. it is so silly. but i'm "an old broad" on my 4th house, and know my way around a so glad you are back!! jkj

  8. I thnk it is a wonderful way to talk to us! I have been thinking about you and know you have a daunting task to deal with...

    I have been so underwhelmed by HGTV that I have all but stopped watching...this from a lady who thought that HGTV was something sent to us from the Gods!!

    They replaced Joan!!?? Okay, now I KNOW I am way too old for HGTV. They are much too hip for me anymore...: )

    Take care of yourself and know that I think about you about NYC next Fall? : )


  9. Oooh...I forgot to say that I SO wish I could help you sort and clean...I actually like to organize.
    You mentioned milk glass and vintage Santas? I bet some ears perked up with that!! : ) Mine surely did!

    Just remember to take care of YO and that hand.
    I send lots of hugs...

  10. I'm so sorry you're in pain Janet! Will wine help?? I hope it feels better soon.

    As far as the property Virgins, I get the impression from the show that she has licensed realtors from the area do the paper work, because when she's in the states she always says she has to talk to her people and write up an offer. Don't you just love TV LOL

    Feel better!!

  11. Hi Janet,

    I remember Kitty way back and I don't like that Tatiana women either. I hope the pain in your hand gets better. Big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge works well!

    What was in those bags you got rid of?



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