Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I woke up in the middle of the night.... (I am sure I am not alone in the "can't sleep through the night" time of my life) and thought to myself...Who would want their first day on a new job to be after a night of celebratory revelry? Particularly a job *this* important. Just a thought, the brain may be older and older but it is never inactive, lol!

Lisa wanted to know the particulars of the sunshine house in my last post. It is located in East Walpole MA close to highways and commuter rail to Boston. Quite a busy street but a very pretty "strolling" neighborhood and is priced at $485K. I know that will make you gals in the Midwest cringe and you West Coast gals weep. I think the house will go for about $430-450K range. It is just so darn cheery it makes me want to go somewhere warm and sunny and free of all .this. darned. snow.



  1. I am right there with you - awake at 3am - can't remember the last time I slept straight through the night!! I thought the very same thing about having a full, important day after what was probably a 20 hour day for the Obama's - I was also secretly wishing I had that stamina!!

    Thanks for the house details; I'm always curious about the prices in different areas. I'm a native Midwest girl, transplanted to Vermont in 2004. I still cringe at the prices and we are still looking for a better solution than the townhome we bought in 2004.

  2. Lisa,

    I don't have your e-mail address so hope you read this. I am a transported Vermonter living life as a "flatlander" for almost 24 years. Where do you live in Vermont? I am very curious as I miss Vermont very much ( but not the winter ground cover)and my parents still live there.
    E-mail me please.

  3. Almost, but not quite, as lovely as your beautiful yellow house Janet!! My cottage is yellow also - love driving up to it and feeling all warm and cozy.

    The home prices here in Raleigh are very high - some subdivisions have just $800,000 to $2M properties - and there are lots of them. Right now, for the first time ever since moving here (30 yrs. ago), we're seeing FOR RENT signs outside some of these mansions! Wow, imagine building and not being able to sell, or worse still having bought and not being able to keep!! I thank the Lord each day that our little home is paid for and we can at least enjoy retirement and our 'golden years' without a mortgage.

    Hope your hand is improving - I'm hving a shoulder problem so trying not to lift too much weight.
    Good luck as you continue the clean out - it must be so sad and hard on you and Bob - Im thinking of you.

    By the way, we have snow - see my post.

    Also, HGTV does nothing for me any longer - never thought I'd stop watching as I used to love Kitty, Joan and even Brit Michael! I no longer see anything that's interesting to me - guess it's for those young professionals with big bucks to spend on some pretty ratty looking properties!

    Sending hugs.

  4. Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
    kari & kijsa


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