Saturday, January 17, 2009


I showed the cutest house today. Yes, you read that right... *I* showed not just one house, but several houses to two sets of buyers today. This house was so adorable, updated just right in my mind. The buyers are just starting to look and have a condo to sell in Rhode Island before they can buy, but what fun to have a chance to look at Antique houses. This one was just so sunny and bright with a pantry to die for.

Impeccably done kitchen with high end appliances
Heart be still, the pantry of my dreams with built in dispaly shelves on the entire right side
I can live with wallpaper if it is this tasteful
Large dining room with built in
Love the furniture, the yellow chair is a lovely gold toile.. I want it all...coveting again!

Much brighter than the picture and don't you love the chandelier?

The second buyers were my stepson and his girlfriend and the houses were really in a way different price point and not too cute. They are contemplating buying my in-laws house and just want to see what they could get for the same money. Makes the "Family Estate" look like the bargain that it is. Cunning Realtor, but think how much easier it would be to sell to them and have the pressure off trying to get everything done to list it the first of March. Plus it would make Bob very happy to know that after all the tens of thousands of dollars of stuff we have given away we could help one of the kids get a good start.




  1. Never mind the house, the pantry would do!!!!LOL

    What a lovely house and furnished in such good taste, I'll arm wrestle you for the chair!!

  2. Janet~LOVE this adorable home & the pantry is a definate seller!Hope things work out with your in-laws home. I have been meaning to contact you but have my hands full here with my daughters surgery coming up. Hope all is well~ :) chris Wish I knew you were heading up to natcik colections, we could ahve ahd coffee. I was on a mission for glass knobs at anthropologie!LOL!

  3. Oh man, I wish I were in on that give away! Happy selling.

  4. glad to see you are back in the saddle again (so to speak) and that there is enthusiasm in your work/words. you've been through a lot! i hope you get to enjoy lots of homes before the TWO CLOSINGS!! jkj

  5. That house is gorgeous. And, I covet that pantry.

  6. Gorgeous house....hope things work out :o)

  7. That house is perfect! I wish my DH and I could find just such a gem here. Could you educate us on which price range that home falls?

    Hope the kids decide they might enjoy a little reno work and take the deal on your MIL's home.

    Enjoy the 'looking' in the meanwhile!

  8. That home is so cheery and bright. It's so sweet.

  9. Wow.....I just want that pantry!!!
    Yellow is such a great color for a house - especially during the dreary winter!

  10. It would be so nice if the kids would get would mean so much to you all and be a great start for them!

  11. Oh, and i LOVE the yellow house!! I WANT the yellow house. I would SO move there and buy it...outta my league price wise but I would eat plain week old bread for it! Think the rest of the family would go for that?

    Doesn't someone special have a BD soon???


  12. THAT PANTRY!!!! **fanning myself**

  13. I love this yellow house. It's so charming!!


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