Friday, January 2, 2009

New Shows

New Years Day has become a day when the only thing I look forward to is the new HGTV shows. We have a new ( to us) 32" TV with DVR so I was able to work at what is quickly becoming the House From Hell while taping the new shows and then watching them last night. What did you think? Or did you watch them? Let's get some interactive blogging going on here. Is anyone else disenchanted with HGTV?

First I watched "Dear Genevieve". I liked Genevieve on Trading Spaces and she was the only one I liked consistently. She could always be relied upon for some honest design that looked as if someone could actually live with it and actually like it. I really liked the kitchen she did on this new show although I found it a bit trendy and I didn't catch the "Owner Contribution" I can assume that this was not a budget makeover. Go Genevieve...I will probably watch the new show.

Next I watched Paint Over with Jennifer Bertrand, this years winner of Design Satr ( which I didn't watch). I really liked her perky personality and although the projects she did were not my style I would watch the show for helpful hints for some of my future projects. Alas I discovered that this was a "Special", not a show that will be on weekly. Is she getting her own show like past stars? Anyone know?

Next it was "The Unsellables" which was just a Canadian retake on "Designed to Sell" or so it seemed. The host(ess) Sofie Allsop, was fun to listen to and very cute, but both houses seemed to come out the same. Seems that every buyer in Toronto is a hip, professional single . If you watched, please tell me what you thought of the curb appeal of the home with the master futon in the basement. Was it just my imagination or were the fake flowers still blooming in the planters in the snow in the "after" shots? Okay, just me being snotty, but really!

That's it for tonight. I am really hoping to get back into the swing of blogging things very soon; I miss you all and thanks for hanging around.



  1. I liked the kitchen makeover that Genevieve did too. I will watch this a few more times and decide.

    I did watch Design Star and hoped that Jennifer would do well with her show. I don't know why it was just a special, except she did say she was pregnant, so maybe they are waiting for the baby to arrive before she actually has a show.

    Did you see the new show from Canada called The Property Shop? It is a show about a realtor who is getting her brokers license and starting her own business.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I'm still concerned about the whole cancer thing?

  3. I did not get to watch the New Year's show but...disenchanted is the very word I would use to describe my feepings for HGTV lately. Every show seems the same, my husband says it is overkill because I watch so many. Whatever, I do know there was more variety in past years. And what about David Bromsted (sp) Why don't we see him on any of the specials, are they dumping him or is he too big for TV now? I really enjoy him much more than recent winners of Design Star. My apologies, I didn't intend for this to be such a vent. I really enjoy your blog and check in most days. Keep it up.

  4. Hi Janet,
    I did not like the kitchen makeover very much... but I loved the great room makeover it the episode before. I LOVED that she included every member of the family (besides the oh-so-cute little one) into the process. I was bummed when in the kitchen episode, the same inclusion wasn't there.... But hopefully in the future? Cause I love Genevieve as a couch.


  5. Hi Janet,
    Love the name you chose for your blog. I'm an HGTV addict but haven't been watching as much lately. I agree that many of the
    shows are much the same. I still enjoy Vern's Deserving Design and anything Candace Olson does. Of course, her designs are way over the budget of regular people but she has some great ideas. Myles is way too tacky for me. David is a terrific artist and I would love to have one of his paintings in my own home. For now, I'll just be a
    reader and a doer and less of a TV watcher. The Christmas tree needles need to be cleaned up and the boxes of ornaments put away...

  6. Happy New Year!

    I haven't tuned into HGTV lately. I used to watch all the time but I thought the shows were just getting too weird for me. I was thoroughly addicted at one time.

    Perhaps I should give the channel another try.

  7. I've got these taped on the DVR but haven't watched yet. I did watch that new "Property Shop" show and it was just kind of weird. Did anyone else think so?

    Happy New Year, Janet! :-)

  8. I was so addicted to HGTV at one seemed to be all we watched. Now? Not so much. The homes are so large or modern or way too hip for old me. Too many re-do to sell shows...and they all seem the same. *sigh* I still have a few I watch but oh how I miss the shows I loved...Kitty's is at that top of that list!

    How are YOU doing??


  9. Good morning Janet :)

    I haven't watched Genevieve yet, but I watched The Unsellables. Those houses are really weird. Is that all there is in Canada?? The fact that those people slept in the basement on a futon was beyond my comprehension. What is wrong with them?? I like the host because she's a smarta$$ and she does a great job, but I'm going to watch because the prehouses are so scary, it's like a car accident LOL

    My favorite show on there right now is Property Virgins, because I realized how ridiculous the average buyer is and I love that host too.

    I'm not thrilled with HGTV right now because it's all about that Pottery Barn look and making your house sell-able. What happened to the good shows??

    Anyway.... Happy New Year!

  10. Oh yeah, I've been hacked at HGTV for a while now. All the shows are super boring to me now. Whatever ever happened to Decorating Cents?

  11. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for bringing up HGTV, so that I could learn that I am not alone in my disenchantment with their trend in programming. I guess 40-something is not their target audience - LOL. The only decorating programs I enjoy are Divine Design - Candice is amazing - and Find Your Style, with Karen.
    As a Realtor, what do you think of Hidden Potential and Curb Appeal? I enjoy seeing their ideas for transforming properties. I could use their help up here!

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