Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I own one of the most popular cars ( Toyota Corolla) in the most popular color...silver mica. Did you ever notice how many silver Corollas and Camrys are out there? At my office we refer to them as the company cars since several of us own them. More than once I have left the office and paying little attention tried to get into the wrong car. Has this happened to you?

Yesterday while leaving Vermont, Bob stopped at the gas station to get Diet Mountain Dew for the trip and I went thru the parking lot to the Bagel Factory for a warm bagel for the trip. There was a line and it took longer than I anticipated and I thought that Bob would probably drive around to get me. I came out with bagel in hand and noticed two silver Toyotas, saw a guy in one and headed right on over. I opened the door and got partway in when the man said "Hello" and I looked up and realized it was the man that had been in front of me in line...not Bob. I sheepishly put on a Gilda Radner Never Mind face and cautiously proceeded to Car #2 , carefully checked and saw Bob chuckling to himself. Will I ever live this down or will my next posts come from the Nursing Home or Assisted Living Center??

Later ( I hope),


  1. Have I ever done that. Well I have a white Camry and my key will fit other cars but won't open them, thank goodness. I loved your post before this one.

  2. Ha haaaaa!!! That is hilarious, Janet!!

    And I have a silver toyota minivan :)

  3. Yikes!! I haven't done this, but, without looking, I have had a rather personal conversation with someone I thought was my husband. :)

    By the way...what's your new room number???


  4. I have a dark green Corolla and I swear there are a million of them out there too. Every time I pick a color alot of other people do too. I have started to try to open the wrong door.

  5. LOL

    Reminds me of the time when hubby and I were at the movies, I feel asleep and turned my head right instead of left, where hubby was, I had my head on this strange guys shoulder, poor guy was frozen, my husband was so into the movie it was awhile before he noticed... OMG I laugh everytime I am reminfed of this Wonder what that poor guy thought !!!

    So I will be right next to you in the HOME !!!

    Thanks for the laugh,
    Kathy :)

  6. One day shortly after moving to a new area I came out of a store and headed across the parking toward my blue Honda Accord - luckily, before I tried to get into the car - I remembered that MY blue Honda Accord had been totaled three weeks prior to our move. Oops! That day my auto-pilot auto sensor was a bit off!

  7. I am sitting here giggling like silly...
    I have so done this. I guess this makes me senile huh?
    And there are LOTS of Birgundy Honda mini vans our there. LOTS.


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