Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am just sitting here at the trusty computer checking out some new blogs I have found and thinking that I really should post something. You know that feeling you get when you know your adoring public is just hanging on your every word?? Well, maybe not.

Here is what is currently happening. Yesterday my 14 year old cat, Calvin, had his tumorous third eyelid removed. He had been having some pro bono magnetic resonance therapy, which I referred to as hocus pocus therapy ( after all, it does involve something that resembles a divining rod ), but it did not help his eye. He looks good as new now, but I have to give him artificial tears and polymycin salve.

It rained hard here all day and although we do need the rain badly it was pouring when I went grocery shopping...not cold...just pouring. But rain and October ar powerful associations and therefore I found myself buying "Fall Food", you know, like meat for pot roast, parsnips and buttercup squash. Amazing how powerful a simple rainy day can be.

Speaking of fall, I have a dilemma. This spring I bought a metal trough type windowbox for my kitchen window next to my back door. I planted it with impatients and let them go. They are so beautiful now that I cannot bring myself to pull them out and plant mums and pansies. So now I have a schizophrenic looking tableau, a basket with sunflowers, oak leaves with acorns and bittersweet hanging on the back door, a window box full of pink, white and salmon impatients and a zinc watering can with bittersweet in it. I am afraid the little men in white coats will be here for me anytime, lol.

I am not sure why these italics keep appearing and disappearing, they seem to have a mind of their own!! For the first time in my life I am having a contractor paint for me. Pretty exciting stuff for a girl who demands perfection in such things and then doesn't do a very good job when she does it herself. We were to have the kitchen done and also the foyer, stairway and upstairs hall. That area still has wallpaper which was put up on bare wallboard when the house was built. No plaster, no paint, no sizing and I can tell you from stripping all the other rooms in the house that it is a bear to do. Plus the stairwell is impossible to get to. The color for the foyer etc will be a straw color, no problem. I pride myself on being very good with color and can actually carry color around in my head until I find the perfect shade. That being said, I am making myself crazy with the kitchen color. The floors and countertops are a darkish blue which I still like although the countertops are showing some wear, the cabinets are pickled oak. They are the bugaboo! I would paint the kitchen a straw color or camel color, but the cabinets have a pink tinge which looks awful with any yellow tint. I would go with a nice taupe but it has to be really dark to contrast with the cabinets. Do I "wuss out" and just go with white again? It seems so boring. Right now I am partial to Copper Mountain from Ben Moore, but I am afraid it is kind of lifeless. What to do, what to do? It was supposed to be started in a week or so, but sadly the 60 year old painter died last weekend, very suddenly. Now his son, who also has a painting company, will do the job in the middle of November. How many more colors can I sample before then?? My kitchen looks like a quilt festival already ;>)

So, those are my crazy thoughts running around in my head tonight. Maybe I should just go and eat some chocolate...what do you think??



  1. Pot roast....yummy!

    I know what you mean about paint colors. I am normally very confident about choosing colors. I know that if I don't like it I can always repaint. Then I bought this house with a two story great room that required a professional painter.. So the paint I picked has to be THE ONE....I couldn't afford to hire a painted twice....

    Chocolate is sounding good right about now.

  2. Janet you made me smile with that post !!!!

    That is terrible about the painter !!

    YES eating chocolate sounds good !!!

    Kathy :)

    ps would a cream color paint look good with your counters???

  3. Well golly gee Janet, where the heck have you been? I have missed seeing you and your quick wit! :) As for the pink and white impatiens. Mine are quite beautiful too and I refuse to pull them up in exchange for Mums. So like you I have pumpkins and crows and pink impatiens on my front May the guys in white suits carry us away. xo Lynn

  4. well, now you know what i deal with in california when the rest of the world is enjoying fall. i have magenta bougainvilla littering the entry! i canNOT relate to the PROFESSIONAL painter,however, and covet your dilemma. could you restain the cabinets? is that a sin? chocolate will help until i can get there to add my two cents. jkj

  5. The painter dropped dead at the thought of removing the wallpaper!
    Good luck on the color, I ordered samples from Pottery Barn, beautiful. I take them to my paint store to have them mixed, always a hit.
    Keep us posted on the progress,
    signed, Your Adoring Fan

  6. Sounds really Fall-like at your beautiful house Janet - yes, lucky me can picture it having been a guest! Oh do keep the Impatiens growing - they are so pretty. I still have pink-leaved coleus blooming - too pretty to chop down yet. My angel trumpet is just now bearing buds - they are yellow flowers and I hope they bloom prior to the first frost. I did buy two pots of mums this weekend and went for deep pink rather than rust or yellow - they are lovely. Also bought three new dwarf Alberta Spruces to replace the three dying ones in urns by the front steps - apparently they've just outgrown the pots. Unfortunately it's raining so I have yet to get the old ones out and replant.

    So glad Calvin is doing well following eye surgery.

    Your painting projects will keep you busy - hope you are happy with your eventual choices. It's always hard but hopefully you'll make the right decisions.

    Off to bake some butternut squash - I love "Winter veggies!
    Hugs - Mary.

  7. Janet, I HEAR YA, old cats, wallpaper, paint chips, groceries, and fall floral thingies... yep, me too. I've kept some of my impatiens, but the ones I had out front that were "showing" I pitched, they were pretty tired, so I didn't mind so much. Aren't we hilarious. It all has to "go" or it drives me crazy. Just joined you as a follower. Sorry it took me so long to get over here.
    Hope you're having a great week!

  8. Fall does stir up thoughts of good comfort food! Sorry to hear about your painter. I have done so many painting jobs around here, but I know what you mean when you say you have the color stuck in your head. Our neighbor who is a painter says that he won't even recommend a color he leaves that to the customer!
    Might as well enjoy your impatiens! I still have a lot of them blooming, but have not made it yet to buy mums and bulbs. Soon I hope! If you want chocolate try the Harney & Sons Chocolate Mint tea I read about. Now that sounds good! Of course you can always grab a slice of chocolate cake to go with it!!!


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