Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last night I hosted a Birthday Party for my friend Barbara. Just seven of us old aged women eating, laughing and having a fun time eating Chicken Tarragon Crepes, Seafood Spinach Crepes, Roasted Beets and Buttercup Squash. That was followed by a decadent Apple Cranberry Bread Pudding made with a lovely Challah Bread. Yummy in my tummy! Did you used to say that when you were a kid?? Anyway, sorry no pictures or recipes because I tend to wing it.

Now for the Horror Story of the fireplace. Many of you have probably already spotted it. When I was finally finished with all the brick, I taped off the sides and top to give the mouldings a nice fresh coat of paint. I used new blue tape ( Shurtape, not 3M) and when I removed it just hours later, it pulled off all the gold wall paint. Never fear, I had almost a gallon left so off to the basement I trudged, opened the can, stirred like crazy only to find that whatever binder Benjamin Moore uses does not last for 6 years, darn! I put some on the wall anyway and all it did was dribble. So off to the paint store where they don't have samples in this color ( it is 6 years old, OK,OK), so I have to have a quart mixed ( from the label on the can's lid) and pay $17. Remember this was supposed to be basically a free project!! I ran home and used less than 2 Tablespoons aka one ounce of paint on the white stripes. I went out for an hour to give it a chance to dry and hopefully darken. No!!! See those goobers on the wall, now the whole room has to be repainted , which it *does* need, but I don't have the energy or $$ to do it right now!
End of Horror Story and I am over it now.

On Sunday October 26, tomorrow as I write this, please go over to Rabbit Run Cottage and wish our dear,sweet friend Susie Q a Happy Birthday. Apparently she is throwing herself a party! tell her I sent you.

Thanks for the kudos; I love you all.




  1. Ooooh. The get together sounds scrumptuous! The fireplace looks nice and fresh. Sorry about the PIA pf the whole thing!

    I hear ya on the peeper at twighlight thing. One of my fave sports!!

    Thanks for visiting our casita! I'll be back to visit you in beautiful Vermont (one of my all time fave places!)

  2. The party sounds wonderful.

    I had a few places I need to touch up with Benjamin Moore paint, but I didn't have anymore. I, like you, went to the store and got way more than I needed. Mine was too light, too. But, as time has passed, the touch-ups have darkened and now match. There's hope!

  3. I bet the wonderful,delicious get together drowned out the awful paint story~poor you! I am so happy that your dear mother-in-law remembered me. She is a lovely lady & I hope she will get thru the holidays okay with her wonderful family by her side! Thanks for stopping by-I hope we get to meet in person soon! stop by if you are ever in the area-seriously! xo chris

  4. I'm so sorry about having to repaint. That is a bummer. On a happy note though your luncheon sounds like it was "yummy for your tummy!" I wish I could cook like some of you ladies in blogland!

  5. Janet ~ Your fireplace looks great!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog to say howdy and leave such lovely comments...what a nice gal you are. You know, we could get into a ton of trouble in Home Depot...I enjoy being in that store more than Macys or Target....oh my!

    Have a great week and I look forward to visiting your blog again and again and then some.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  6. Hi Janet

    Loved catching up on your posts here! I am back to posting and in healing mode. Can't tell you how much your care and concern meant-- you're so special!


  7. Awww....well you're evening sounds like it was fun and the menu sounds delish!


  8. The fireplace looks grand....sorry to hear about the paint - but that figures doesn't it!!
    Hope it all works out well - perhaps do a faux finish over it all instead of painting it all over again!!
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    Karla & Karrie

  9. HI Janet,

    Oh My,and after all your hard work. You know you could just add a small strip of molding around the fireplace to cover up the Boo Boo paint. You all ready have the white paint to paint the molding.

    Enjoy your day,

  10. You should have saved that story for Halloween... yikes! I'm sorry about that. Had it happen myself.



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