Thursday, March 6, 2008


Have you ever roasted vegetables?? It is one of my favorite ways to cook many vegetables. Simply cut veggies into uniform sizes, toss in olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast in a hot oven (425-450 degrees) until nicely carmelized. Tonight's selection was russet and sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips( my personal favorite), broccoli( the tops get crispy) and asparagus. Served with boneless chicken breasts marinated in lemon zest, olive oil and thyme. How much healthier can you get??

Beets are especially delicious roasted, but be aware that they take longer than anything else because they are so dense, so roast them separately and start them first.



  1. I love roasted veggies. The ones you mentioned are so good, but I'm not too familiar with parsnips. I think we tend to mostly eat what we were brought up on, and I don't recall there ever being parsnips on my mother's table. I never tasted rhubarb, either, until I met my husband's grandmother! ::Jill

  2. Love that last post and will share it with many people.

    Roasted veggies are at the top of my list too - so easy to prepare, and so delicious and healthy to eat. We have them at least once a week and I ALWAYS add tons - well at least a dozen - parsnips, they are my favorite and of course we grew up on them in England! I also like acorn squash and even small cubes of rutabaga (swedes to any Brits reading this!), they seem to take a bit longer like the beets.

    Sometimes I throw on a branch of thyme or rosemary from the garden, it's not edible but adds flavor as they roast.

  3. i LOVE roasted veggies! I never thought to roast beets though. Great idea!

  4. These look soo yummy! You probably know I have never roasted veggies, but I did make Beef Stew for The Hub in my crock pot this week :)

    Have a good weekend...


  5. Janet

    Thanks for the recipe! I love rosted veggies and have not thought about parsnips for a awhile, I will now!

  6. Ymmmm, you know how much I love roasted veggies. xoxoxox Clarice

  7. it, especially the parsnips and beets ...yummy.
    think i will make this weekend

    Martha, plainville

  8. You just helped me decide what to make for supper tonight... thank you :)
    Never thought to roast beets either.. must put them on my shopping list.
    Thanks for the tips.

  9. Hi Janet ~

    Those veggies look delicious! I'll take those sweet potatoes right now :) I'll have to get some fresh beets and try roasting them.

    Smiles...Bebe :)

  10. Never had them that way,but they look yummy. i may have to try it.

  11. Mmmmm.....Yummy! Love 'em roasted!

  12. These look delicious!

  13. Janet, what a delicious-looking and easy dinner! I love vegetables roasted with roast, why not do them all on their own, like you did? Great idea!

    Thanks again for your kindness.


  14. yum! I've never roasted veggies but will give it a try soon! I love veggies and bet they'd be so good this way....never had parsnips either!

  15. I LOVE delicious and so good for you!

    We just had baked chicken and this would have been wonderful with it. I think I will make a run to the grocery tomorrow for more veggies!


  16. We, too, love roasted veggies. We just love veggies, period and eat a lot of them.
    I am so sick of chicken and turkey, I am having a hard time with a healthy meat. I've never really cared for poultry anyway and now that that's all that is healthy for us, we have eaten too much. I get sick just thinking of it!
    What's a girl to do??


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