Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here he is...my baby boy who turns 24 today. This picture was taken in the spring of 2007 by one of his college roommates. I bought the suit and all, and I mean all, the trimmings for his potential job interviews and thought I should at least get to see how he looked in it after the alterations. Pretty handsome, huh? Turns out he got a job in Seattle ( he went to school in Rochester, NY) without ever going on an interview. He scored his job as a Web Developer at Pop.us ( a large, interactive marketing firm) with a spur of the moment, unscripted phone interview, less than a week before graduation. Then, the child who I raised to be independent (perhaps too much so), negotiated his salary up $5K, found an apartment within walking distance to work, packed up his few important belongings, took a train to his girlfriend's (talented digital artist KarenPetrasko.com)place in Ohio and they embarked on their adventure. I am very proud of this fine young man who is a talented professional, a budding cook and a wonderful son. He makes me proud.

If you see him walking around Seattle today ( what are the chances??) wish him a Happy Birthday! Oh yeah, and tell him to call his Mother more often.



  1. Oh Janet, RIT? I'm in the Buffalo Area and we (my company) have property in Rochester, so I'm vaguely familiar. Good going on raising such a well rounded young man.

  2. Happy birthday!! My oldest will be 24 in March and he's a boy! Great thing about his job! It certainly is a different job hunting market isn't it. We had to really pound the streets to find a job and now most everything for applying is done on the internet, at least around here. It makese me feel so old and out of touch! Glad he's doing well and hope this is a happy day for him! Sounds like you did a good job with the independence you instilled in him!

  3. happy birthday to brett!! and warm fuzzies to his mom, who is flooded with memories today! isn't it the BEST to have your child independent and STILL IN RELATION with the loving parent!!! joy to you both! jkj

  4. This is where you reach around and give yourself a pat on the back...job well done Mom.

  5. Happy Birthday, Brett.

    Now, call your mother. Just hearing your voice brightens her day.

  6. I can only imagine the pride you feel for raising such a great son! He sounds very responsible and motivated which is lacking among young people today. Yea for him and congratulations to you for being a great mom!

  7. Happy Birthday to your great son.
    Know you must be very proud of him.

    Off to France tomorrow.
    Au revoir - Mary.

    Hoping this posts - did one to you a few days ago and it just disappeared into cyberspace!

  8. Happy birthday Janet's son !! Wow, Karen is really talented. Clarice

  9. Your son can enjoy a Happy Birthday, but you will celebrate his birth day.

    Congrats on a job well done!

  10. How great that you raised a child who is not afraid to set out on his own. These days they all seem to be living on mom's couch until they're 40!
    I moved to Houston from CT right out of college and it was the best thing I ever did for molding my own adult character! Of course, I'm back in the area now, but I was there for 7 years.

  11. My kids are motivated and independent too - it indeeds makes me smile. I bet it's tough having him so far away though. Happy birthday wishes to a handsome guy.

  12. He sounds like a great guy! I'd say you did a good job! Happy Birthday!


  13. He is one handsome guy Janet! Happy birthday to a wonderful young man. You did good Mom...you did good.


  14. Happy Birthday to your boy! What a handsome guy!

    I checked out his girlfriend's work - how cool!!!! Did he design her website?

    xoxox, martha


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