Monday, September 8, 2008


The most photographed building in all of Alaska..or so they say

Here we are in Skagway, Alaska. As Bob says, "you be the skag, I'll be the cool guy"! What a card that guy is, huh? I just read somewhere that when Sarah Palin moved to Alaska as an infant the family settled in Skagway. Let me just say that I am very glad my parents made different choices! This was probably the poorest of the towns we visited. The town is very flat with huge mountains all around and as you can see in the photos the weather was...bleak. Are you surprised. It was colder here, only in the upper 40s and before we left the wind was gusting at a pretty good clip ( as we Vermonters say). We walked around as much of the town as we could and despite a small airport with a couple of nicer houses fronting it, the town was pretty much as bleak as the weather. So come along and take the tour.

close up of the building

Let me note that in the middle of this "Qaint little drinking town with a fishing problem ( as the T-shirts say), there is a very nice weaving shop and an imported Oriental rug store with rugs starting in the thousands. Who buys Oriental rugs in Alaska? Also several diamond stores. We bought neither!

A Museum with some lovely flowers. Bob loves taking pictures of flowers.
Who knew roses would grow in this climate?

The largest Peonies I have ever seen. Truly the size of dinner plates and blooming in the end of July.

Very striking Delphinium

The railway that takes you to the White Pass and the Yukon Territory. Not included in our budget this time around.

Ah, Canada. Please note the sun is shining and it is at least 60 degrees. I am a happy girl!

As we sail into town

This is a lovely little town that although it is far from everything seems like a livable place.

This is a sunken garden that is very pretty

Town Hall ( where they kindly keep the doors open after hours so the public restrooms are available). Very hospitable.

Large Totem pole on Town Hall grounds
Small Street Fair they have when the ships are in town. Nothing great, but don't I look chic in my brown vest? That got a lot of wear on this trip, glad I bought it.

Back on the ship we watched these huge vats of Dungeness Crabs being offfloaded from fishing boats. There were 4 of these vats that were about 12feet square and probably at least 6 feet high that they filled in a very short time while we ate Seafood Linguine and Molten Chocolate Cake ( with Ice Cream, of course).

A fishing vessel returns of Bob's artsy shots.

That is it for Alaska. We cruised all day Friday and got back to Seattle bright ( it really was) and early Saturday morning. We spent the day playing in Seattle and then had dinner with my son. Bob left Sunday AM early and I stayed on at the Kitsap and Olypic Peninsulas. Not many pictures, but I will regale you with those tales another time. This successfully ends our travelogue of Alaska and British Columbia. Thanks for your attention!



  1. hi janet! i almost feel like i went to alaska! almost. but i am warm and cosy in jammies at the computer... there is something so compelling about living in the northern climes: survival comes to mind. you know, doing what needs to be done first, then if there is time, money,or energy "extras" come. kinda the opposite in i miss vermont! jkj

  2. I also felt like I was going to Alaska. I at one point looked to see if i saw Mrs. Palin. hehe
    Nice trip

  3. Janet,

    All I can say is wow and when does the next cruise leave for Alaska?


  4. Outstanding Post, really enjoyed the photographs :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, these pictures are Spectacular! I have to be careful my husband doesn't see, he wants us to move to Alaska---I'd love to visit, but its so far away from my family I don't think I could do it!

    Great blog! I'll be sure to visit again!

  6. I'm glad you regaled us. It was very.... regaling? LOL. I've been enjoying the holiday photos, I almost feel like I'm at the end of MY holiday now that you say it's over.

    Yes, things grow really well up in Alaska, because of the long summer hours. Don't know if that would make up for all that darkness through the winter though, no matter how much I love to garden.

  7. Janet~I feel like I was with you every step of the way! What gorgeous pics & what a cozy place! Since this state is coming up so often in the news with the new V.P. pick(LOVE HER!) you were so kind to share her beautiful state! Thanks for posting tonight! How much would I LOVE to be in the room next to Tom B. or to catch him in a johnny? LOL! He is probably up at Mass General & I will be in Norwood-boo hoo! :) Kind of crossed my mind today though~LOL! Next time you are down my way stop & say hi! I should be wrapping up garden work by the beginning of next week & then I'll be home with a healing knee. I can only take credit for my own flowers. A few of my neighbors do a super job yes?! did you notice my doors are black now? I may just grab the paint brush while I am stuck at home recovering & re-do them though~LOL!:) chris

  8. Doesn't everyone go to Skagway to buy over priced oriental rugs?

  9. How lovely! But brrrr... too cold for my blood. We went crabbing this past week for Dungeness crabs, it was so fun!

  10. Janet,

    I am getting ready to post an award to you.

    When you have time, stop by Sunbonnet Cottage to pick it up.

    Thank you.


  11. Wow Janet...such beautiful photos of a fantastic trip. And did I spy your lovely self there?? Hm??
    : )
    We hope to take such a trip someday soon. Bill has been to Alaska via the military. he was sitting in his room on base one night, windows were open, and a moose stuck his head inside and bellowed at him! He loved it!


  12. I don't have to tell you how I feel about AK! We have been to these places but, lucky for us, the weather has always been nice! Love the zoom of the glacier and the flowers...just makes me want to pack up and go!


  13. And, a wonderful travelogue it has been. I enjoyed every part.

    Those pictures sailing in to Prince Rupert are gorgeous.

  14. Janet,

    You are most welcome for the award. I really enjoy visiting your blog. It's always so nice to come by and visit.


  15. Gosh if only I could get Delphinium to grow here - that one is beautiful. Great pictures that building with the driftwood is amazing. That's a very cool place to visit :-)


  16. Janet,
    We did the Alaska cruise last summer. Believe me, you were lucky not to spend your money on the railroad tour - We were very disappointed with it - and it was expensive.

  17. The close up of that first building is amazing...makes me want to get twigs and see if I can do it....and put a grapevine wreath over it.


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