Saturday, September 27, 2008


Yes, I have been remiss. I have been given several awards lately and I have failed to acknowledge them. I get very excited when I get them and then life interferes with my blogging...ever happen to you?

I have been given this award by Tara at Days Missed on a Hammock. Tara lives on Long Island and shares wonderful photos of her life on her blog.

I was also given this award from Susan at The Little Yellow House. Susan lives in Southern California and often blogs about places I have been. Makes me feel like I am on vacation in SoCal again.

Melissa at Sunbonnet Cottage also gave me this award. Melissa lives in Idaho and I don't think I have ever met anyone from Idaho. Isn't blogging great; we meet like minded women from all over our country and around the world. Don't get me started on "It's a Small World Afterall" a ala DisneyLand. It's in your head now...admit it!

These two awards are from Deserae at Peeking Thru the SunFlowers. Gotta love that diamond..I have never had a diamond. Think I could somehow cut this out and paste in it a ring?? Probably not convincingly, huh?

You know I am supposed to pass these on and it was pretty easy to pass awards on when I didn't know so many bloggers, but now I don't want to hurt anyones' feelings, so I will just use the cop out. Please feel free to take these and proudly display them on your blog. Anyone reading this post deserves these awards at least as much as I do. Go ahead...just take them.

The girls at The Summer Kitchen have asked me to play along with a 7 Quirks Meme. I am not sure why it has taken me so long to come up with this; I consider myself pretty quirky. I asked Bob to name some of my quirks and he looked at me like I had at least three heads. Was he scared or just so used to me after 17 years that nothing surprises him?

1) My bed has to be made just so before I can get into it. Pillowcase openings facing out, sheet folded over blanket nice and straight. No messy sleeping for me.

2)I never drink anything with my meals. My parents made us wait to have our milk at the end of our meals and as an adult I just never drink anything while eating.

3) I have a very strong sense of smell. I even smell things in my dreams. I have never heard of anyone else with olfactory dreams.

4)I have never seen Star Wars or 2001, A Space Oddyssey or Jaws.

5)I am very claustrophobic.

6) I don't like being under water. These two quirks make a career as a submarine captain extremely unlikely. I would die of fear just being in a submarine.

7)I once was caught smuggling beer ( which I don't even drink!!) into Fenway Park. The humiliation I suffered to save a boyfriend and his friend a few bucks, which they had to spend anyway.

If you find this fascinating, and want to know more, check here .



  1. Thanks for your kind mention of my blog. Where did you live in So. Calif.?

  2. Oh my, you deserve a diamond, even if you buy it yourself! I have never seen, nor have wanted to see Star Wars, science fiction just isn't my bag. And you aren't very quirky, just unique. Congrats on all the awards, Red Shoes

  3. so fun to learn all about you. well, not ALL about you but you know what i mean. love that people appreciate your blog and give you awards. everyone should get an award for something at some time! and i agree about blogging uniting people who would otherwise never meet, be a service instrument for info and friendship, and way to spend time when cleaning the frige is just not possible at this time! lol , jkj

  4. I totally get the bed thing...only my pillowcases always have to open on the right side. And, the water thing. We have a very beautiful pool...and as long as we've lived here, I've never been in it. I do not like to be in the water. Go figure...

    Congrats on the awards..well deserved!

  5. Janet, your quirks and idiosyncrasies only make you even more special. The openings on my pillowcases must face to the right.

    I hope hating the color pink doesn't keep you from visiting me. Actually, it isn't my favorite color. But, it does seem to be a color which unites people.

    Congratulations on your awards. You deserve them all.

  6. Congrats on these awards but hey! You never picked up the award I left for my readers! *sniff*

    You deserve all the accolades in the world! We al love ya you know.



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