Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Thanks for all your responses to my "What do you think?" post. Several of you asked if it was a trick question. I suppose it was, in a way. I saw the house on Friday and was overwhelmed by the complete disconnect between the exterior and the interior. The owner certainly is a talented designer and faux painter, but anyone seeing the house from the street would make a certain assumption about the interior. We are bombarded with messages from HGTV about neutralizing your home when preparing to list it for sale and making it welcoming to buyers of all tastes. While you may be very proud of your home and your decor it is not in your best interest to let your house say anything about the personalities of the owners. OK, enough said. Now I need to work on my quirks. Me...quirks??



  1. Whoo, that's better, I thought it might be yours! To much going on in that house! Plus, I give you much more credit than that! Do we get a final of the bathroom?

  2. You quirky? Nah,,never! LOL...Cute house though although the inside was not my taste!

  3. Loved the outside of the house....if the location is good I would buy it in a minute. I have no problem at all repainting to make it my own :-)

  4. Funny!

    I loved the house. Maybe, I need to work on my quirks.


  5. But I love quirky, quirky is the best. : )
    Like our Penny, if the house and location were right for me, I would have no problem re-painting and adding my own personality.
    I am one of those odd people who actually expects that I will have to make it MY house. Seeing others styles and persoanl effects does not worry me at all!

    But maybe I a quirky...no, odd...okay. I KNOW I am!


  6. Looks great, Janet!
    I'm not a Grey's fan,but The Office starts tonight also. RU a fan of that?


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