Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Sunday was a "cruise all day" day as we made our way thru Canadian waters to the Inside Passage of Alaska. I spent limited time on the deck because it was not exactly balmy. But, lucky for me I was up on the deck for this. We passed a small island (one of many) and all of a sudden this boat appears and the guy starts playing "Oh Canada", then "The Star Spangled Banner" and then "When the Saints Go Marching In" on his trumpet accompanied by lots of cheering and clapping from all the people on deck. What a hoot ( or toot, lol). You can learn all about him on

You see these planes else would you get anywhere? Most of these towns/cities in the Inside Passage are not connected by roads ( something we, in the Lower 48, certainly take for granted).

First view of Ketchikan from the ship, note the clouds.

Here we are ...Alaska, the Last Frontier. It is about 9:00AM and we are only in Ketchikan until 1:00, but we have plenty of time to roam the town. Please note that we are all wearing warm clothes...the temp is about 50 and it is drizzly.

Not sure I would want to hold a BBQ on that deck...looks like the weather takes a toll on anything made of wood

Waiting for customers for the "House of Ill Repute Tour"

One of many Totem Poles. Please note the "stuff" in the yard. Nowhere else to put it.

Little street of shops; a couple cool galleries and then T-shirts and fleece jackets

These dogs are bored and provide entertainment value for the town. Pretty amusing!

The sun was actually almost out for a few minutes as we walked around town and then the rains began in earnest. We ducked into a lunch place for Halibut and Chips. This is when we learned that although this is Halibut Country it is still $18 a pop for the lunch sized portion at the counter with plastic utensils...Say What??

Off we go for an afternoon and evening cruise to Juneau. It seems, looking back, that the sun came out most days as we left town. There were only two sunsets all week for Mr. Photo to capture, so that kind of tells the weather story.

Tomorrow Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier and the Tracy Arm Fiord.



  1. Alaska does look very pretty with all the green trees. My mom always wanted to go there. I might go sometime...I'm not sure I'd like the cold weather, though. Your tour is really fun.

  2. Janet, this tour was worth the wait. I love all of your pictures. The one with the dogs cracked me up.

  3. Janet,

    What a beautiful and tranquil place. It's on my list of places I must see.

    Thank you so much for the paint swatch. I love the color and you are right. It is not orange at all.


  4. The picture with the dogs is so funny! What an interesting place. How what the House of Ill Repute tour? Are they current or old time ones? That one intrigues me :-)


  5. With as hot as it was here I think I would have welcomed the cool, overcast days! The dogs were great.

  6. *sigh* So lush and green...just gorgeous! Loved the pic of the dogs!

  7. Hi Janet :)

    It's beautiful there! Are the people odd? I just wonder because it seems so remote. I'm loving my cruise from home ;)


  8. Gosh, thought you were going to say that was you and Bob outside the House of Ill Repute!!!!

    The pics are great - I LOVED the Seattle shots, a favorite place of mine, and my son is there right now - on vacation with his girlfriend!


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