Friday, November 2, 2007

Seven Random Things

I have not been blogging long enough to be tagged for the Seven Random Things Tag, but I am a girl with initiative, a girl who will take the bull by the horns...only figuratively and a girl who just doesn't want to deal with those dang pictures again tonight.

So here goes.

1) I was adopted when I was five months old. My parents went to a "baby store" and picked me out; my Dad picked me because I smiled at him. I have a mental picture of the grocery store in the small town in Vermont where I grew up with the wooden shelves just filled with babies. I don't know what was keeping them from falling off the shelves.

2) I have ADD, no really, I have a bona fide diagnosis and was on Meds for a while. They were a big help with focus, but after a couple of years they caused me to clench my jaw all the time and it was painful, nerve wracking and definitely NOT good for my focus. I never had any learning problems growing up ; I was just "high strung and sensitive". Nice to know that there is a medical reason why I can't ever turn the knob the right way on the Etch a Sketch or blow dry my hair.

3) I have very strange dreams. Abe Lincoln and the groundhog have nothing on me. I dream in color and I smell things in my dreams. I usually remember the dreams the next day. Ask me about the one with the cute guy from Criminal Minds and the pineapple colon cleanse...told you they were weird!!

4)I just quit smoking 10 months ago after smoking for 36 years. Yes, I am glad I am done with it. I loved smoking despite the health issues, it was the social stigma that finally got to me. It wasn't nearly as hard as I imagined and I have not been tempted to relapse. Good girl!

5) I have a left turn phobia. I will often turn right and go down the street to make the turn in an easier spot, or I will wait until I can turn left at a light with a left turn arrow. Apparently this is related to item #2. or so the neurologist tells me. Do you think he was just humoring me?

6)I hate pink. Sorry ladies, but I have just never liked the color for clothes or decor.

7)I have very hot feet. I wear sandals even in the winter and only put on shoes and socks in the winter because I don't want to appear weird. My oldest son has the same issue. I am a warm blooded person and don't get cold easily, but once I am cold I am very cold. Maybe it was growing up in Vermont in the 50s and walking 5 miles uphill both ways, barefooted to school. You think?? Actually Vermont is very civilized and we don't all live on farms or milk cows, who knew?

So now you know some of my many idiosyncrasies and I am betting that you will still come back for more.

Have a good weekend and don't forget the party at The Inspired Room



  1. Well I am glad I am not the only one with weird, involved, strange dreams. I love the adoptions story (I am birth mom). Don't like pink, well I am not sure I can some to your blog anymore. Just do not tell me you hate chocolate ;-)

  2. I love the idea behind your blog! Those houses are amazing. We don't have so many traditional BIG houses here. Of course there are some in the older neighborhoods, but nothing like those.
    Love the photos of your home too. Love how you did those pinecones.

    Oh.....I don't get in the water when I teach water classes......and 1/2 my classes are the regular kind....step, wts...etc....

  3. oh, I forgot.......I also used to think there was a store for babies. I pictured them stacked against the wall like dominos on a counter. Boys on one side, girls on the other. I thought my mom and dad walked in and cose me. :)

  4. This is sooo weird! I have a left turn phobia! I've never met anyone else that feels the same way. Actually I don't like driving at all anyway. I also will go right or whatever to avoid making a left turn. I only turn left if I know the signal is a left turn signal and I'm there in time for the arrow or if there's practically no traffic.


  5. Hi Janet-it's great to meet you! You have a very interesting blog, I really enjoyed your tag answers! And I think you have a very fascinating job xx

  6. LOL, love the tag answers!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  7. So glad you shared a little of you with us!

    Here! Here! To my fellow Vermonster! :) I'm the same way, once I'm cold, I'M COLD!!


  8. I love the baby store image! I want to go and get some!! I have an serious aversion to left turns too. My dreams often have to do with real life, just more intense or vivid. Often I work out issues I have with people in my dreams and wake up feeling all better. Sometimes, things don't get resolved and then I just wake up feeling blah... And I think I like pink enough to make up for your dislike of it. Although I don't wear it much...Thanks for joining the challenge! Looking forward to it!

  9. Ooooohhhhhhhh myyyyyy, that cute guy from Criminal Minds...and I am assuming you mean 'Hutch', Mr. Tall, Dark & Moody? Formerly known as Greg Montgomery on 'Dharma & Greg', right?.....yup, he shows up in my dreams, too!;o) No grisly crime scenes, tho!

    Thank you so mcuh for visiting my blog, Janet...yours is wonderful!

  10. Congrats on quitting smoking!!! May I ask how you did it? my husband is trying so hard to quit...he tried Chantix and it didnt work


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