Sunday, November 11, 2007


A little introduction to Burlington, VT. Burlington is the largest city in Vermont and has about 40,000 year round residents. It is the home of the University of Vermont (UVM) as well as several other colleges and is full of students and quite a cast of colorful aging hippies. There is usually some kind of protest being held at the end of the marketplace or some kind of funky parade going on. The main shopping street, Church Street, was closed to traffic at least 30 years ago and is a pedestrian marketplace with lots of open air cafes (seasonally), kiosks and street performers. Burlington is located on the shores of Lake Champlain which runs the length of the state and separates Vermont from New York. The lake is 12 miles wide in Burlington and there are ferries that cross the lake in the summer. When I was a teen that was the primo summer job, to either work the food and concession stands on the ferries or work as a deck hand. Yours truly sold a lot of Budweiser and hot dogs as well as countless souvenirs for minimum wage for 4 summers in college. I lived in South Burlington from the time I was 7 until I graduated from college, left for 5 years and then went back for 7 years before moving to Massachusetts. I consider myself a Vermonter and always will, so there!!

These pictures are of the marketplace, some of the shops and restaurants that are icons of Burlington and then some of the houses around the downtown area. Without further ado, I give you Burlington, the Queen City of Vermont.

Edited: Please excuse my layout skills, or lack thereof. These pics looked perfectly centered side by side in the preview. Hope they don't make you dizzy!! Janet


  1. Oh, this is MY kind of neighborhood! So gorgeous, thanks for sharing. I also wanted to say that I was reading your profile and one of my favorite Xmas movies is Christmas in Connecticut too! You have excellent taste! :)

  2. Oh my gosh so many cool houses and buildings. Clarice-who had the rest of that apple crisp with heavy cream for breakfast and thought of you !!!!

  3. What a wonderful full of charm with such neat buildings and houses!No one wonder you love it there so much!

  4. Hi Janet - thanks for stopping by. I've just returned from our Fall beach trip and have a moment to answer your question. I use the large size for all the photos I add to my blog and just about always center them - if I use left or right I find it too difficult to have neat looking blocks of type!

    I'll be back to read your blog later - I lived in New England 12 yrs. so know I'll probably find plenty of interest.

    Do come visit me again - I travel a lot, love to decorate and garden, enjoy paper arts and just being generally creative in my daily life.

    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Janet!

    Oh my heart is aching :( I miss home terribly! Burlington is so beautiful all kinds of great stuff happening.

    I'm from the mid part, my family is from Proctor but graduated from Fair Haven and went to college and lived my adult life in the Castleton/Lake Bomoseen area. I usually say "Near Killington" and people know where I mean. :)

    Thanks for the "homeland" pitures ;)


  6. Love your blog! Love the pictures of these lovely old homes.

  7. Wow, what a wondrous city! Thanks for your photo journaling! I have only been to the northern section of the East Coast. I am so looking forward to really visiting the New England states someday!

    My husband is from Reading, PA. and he has done much traveling on that side of the country, including skiing in the mountain resorts. I envy him!

    It would have been a blast to have had summer jobs in the Burlington area! The fun you had must have overridden the minimal pay!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog! I actually came here immediately and kept your page up. I had too much "site" seeing to do here before commenting!


  8. What a homage to the city of Burlington! Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog. Burlington is such a fun city--my daughters and I love to visit and shop.

    I do, indeed work for Anichini. Next time you visit Vermont, please stop by one of the company stores. One is in West Lebanon, NH and the other is in Manchester, VT. They both carry discounted Anichini. The West Lebanon store is especially nice.

    Maybe I should post on my blog on the sheer fortune of being able to own such beautiful textiles. In the meantime, I'm pleased to have met you!

  9. how wonderful to visit the queen city while i sit in my home in southern california!! MEMORIES of burlap!! love the photojournalism. love seeing the freeps, and our former homes. thank you janet! jkj


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