Thursday, November 29, 2007


What kind of Christmas music do you prefer? Traditional carols, secular songs , maybe the perkiness ( I just love that word) of Mannheim Steamroller or the haunting beauty of Celtic Christmas music. What about the zany ones...every flattened Grandma knows what I am talking about!! I like all kinds and as soon as Thanksgiving is done I have the Christmas CDs out. My all time, hands down favorite (and please know I hold no prejudice for any race, color, creed or sexual orientation) is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I call it "The Mormons Belt Out Christmas". It is more than just the voices. It is the arrangements, the orchestra and the ginormous pipe organ at the Mother church in Salt Lake City. Anyone who knows me knows that whatever vocal potential I ever had was ruined by smoking all those years, but that doesn't stop me , alone in my little red Alero, from singing 4 part harmony at the top of my lungs.

My next fav, although not technically Christmas music is The Messiah. I only listen to it at Christmas, again alone in my car. I even sing the instrumentals. I can sing all four parts plus the whole orchestra all by myself and guess what? No one would recognize a single note, LOL.

I love Mitch because he reminds me of time spent with my grandmother. She and my grandfather lived next door to us and I spent a lot of time with her. She used to pay me to do her ironing and when I was done we would make hot cocoa from scratch and watch Mitch Miller. Remember that dancing ball that helped you with the lyrics. How fun was that? This Christmas CD has all the songs I remember and it makes me happy to listen to it and remember those days and my wonderful grandparents.

I just got this CD this year from Kohls. It was one of their charity items, like the books and stuffed toys for kids, and only $5. I like it, but it will never surpass the MTC. I also have an Anne Murray Christmas CD that I had forgotten about until just now. I love Anne.

Now I look at my choices and it just screams late/middle aged woman, does it not? So what, c'est la vie, and if the shoe fits buy it in all colors! :>)

'Got to go to bed earlier than usual cuz I have a very busy day tomorrow, and oh yeah, I found a cloche at Homegoods for $10. three days ago and left it. Figured if it was still there today it was meant to be. Guess what? It was meant to be and now cloche #1 has a shorter, fatter sister.


PS. I wasn't down on myself yesterday, just remarking that I don't intend to make a "business plan" cuz I am lacking motivation. Much more fun to read your blogs.


  1. I love the traditional White Christmas but also like the perky ones. LOL Gotta have something perky around here.

  2. I love traditional stuff but go around singing Santa Claus is Comin' To Town just like Brice and the E Street Band do!

    We all saw The Messiah done last year and oh how glorious it s to hear at this time of year.

    Middle Aged?? You?? Nah...not from where I sit!

    Now I think I will go listen to some Mannheim and some Bing baby. I got that CD at Kohl's too!


  3. Hahaha, you're not middle aged, you're...experienced!

    I love The Messiah - we sang it in high school, and I still remember the soprano part.

  4. Well this post kind of made me laugh. As a m other of tow teens. I am listening a lot to , rapped, rocked, loud Christmas music. Actually I am a bit impressed how they were able to take the “old Classics” and tweak it. But every now and then I have t pull out Bing Crosby xoxoxox Clarice

  5. Okay I can not spell, even with spell check. All i can say is it is all that glitter, I can not see strait. Love Clarice

  6. I bought a new CD this week of just very classical Christmas music and I love it. Not to keen on the perky songs. :)) ~ Lynn

  7. I like traditional songs too!! Thanks for the fascinating info you left me about houses-I would find your job so interesting!x

  8. I love most Christmas music. The dogs barking Jingle Bells, and Grandma got Run Over By a Raindeer, probably the two exclusions :-).

    My favorite song is Oh Holy Night.
    It brings back memories of evening Church Service as a child and Mrs. Edgers (an women in my community growing up) singing the song. It would give me such chills...

  9. Janet...soooo sorry I missed your visit today. I had to run out to take my son to his basketball game. I like both tea and coffee, and of course cookies (of any kind!) yes, please come back to see me, I'll leave the light on for ya, and a fresh brew drippin...
    I enjoyed my visit here, and I'll for certain be back!

  10. I love it all! I lean towards the Bing Crosby and music from the 50's and 60's eras but I love it all. I've been listening to one radio station that plays 24 hour holiday music starting Thanksgiving day! Oh yeah, I do some singing in my car too!


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