Saturday, December 1, 2007


Finally got a chance to get some decorating done. This is my favorite, sitting on the glass doored bookcase in my Dining Room. It looks cozier in real life! I found that little "For Sale" sign a few years back somewhere unexpected. I don't remember where, just that it was $1. and a serendipitous (good word!) find.

This one is on the window sill in the bathroom. House from Pier One many years ago, candles from Michaels a couple of years ago on clearance.
Lastly a display of houses on top of a picture frame. This is my ode to Mary Englebreit who had something similar in her home many years ago.
Back to the basement to see what else I should get out and display or maybe not.



  1. Your little houses are charming. I am just having a blast jumping from blog to blog seeing how other's decorate. What fun! :) Lynn

  2. Love the little houses. They are so cute! It's fun that the first one looks so much like your home. Too cute!


  3. Oh I love your houses. I have lots of little houses to. I am so drawn to them. Clarice

  4. Oh, I just love your houses. I'm a big Dickens house collector but I love all kinds.

  5. Your houses are very charming. I have a large village that I have not had the energy to put up lately. Of course, everyone in my house wants it up, but no one wants to do it! Maybe in a week I'll feel like doing it. And then again, maybe the sun will still come up tomorrow if I don't put it up this year!!



  6. How fun to be putting out your little houses! So appropriate for you, dear, especially!

    I have most of my decorating done. I really don't do that much, just a few bold statements and a few little things here and there. But it feels great to have it nearly done and ready for our Saturday night party! I'll post pictures sometime after this week's events.

    Happy week!

  7. Aren't little houses fun to decorate with? I have the same little houses that you have on the picture frame, like Mary Engelbreit's. Mine are on the top of one of the doorframes in my kitchen. I don't notice them very often but when I do I think they just look so CUTE!


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