Friday, December 28, 2007


Sophie is not the most photogenic cat in the household. My son wanted to photoshop her to straighten her crooked ear and her unique little face, but I wouldn't let him. A girl has to have some "character", don't you know. She has settled into her new household, but she is the shyest, most skittish cat I have ever seen. She spends her days and nights here in the "study" and only leaves to go downstairs to eat or go down the the basement for the cat box. When I am in the room she will get off the chair and come over to look for attention, after a little affection she gets back on her chair or sleeps under my chair. No wonder she looks pregnant; she gets even less exercise than I do. The other cats just ignore her and no doubt gossip about her eccentric ways. Bob and I continue to speculate about her past.

This morning when I woke up I was very surprised to find her sleeping on the cedar chest in my room. Such progress, do we dare to hope that it will continue?

I am glad some of you are finding FreeRice a lot of fun. I must say that if you set it to remember your level, it is not as much fun. I got up to level 48, but at that level I really don't know any of the words and am just guessing. My son showed me another game before he left called Text Twist, which is a word scramble/unscramble game that is also addicting. I need to get off the computer and find something to do that burns at least 3 calories per hour!!




  1. Oh so sweet. Im glad things are better. Now does this mean she will still have to leave you when better?

  2. Hi Think Sophie is adorable! Great to hear about her progress.

  3. She is adorable. I love her, crooked ear and all.

  4. I think she is simply precious. Like my Lucy...who we call our furry foot stool. She hate to expel much energy.
    And I love her crooked makes me love her all the more. What a sweet home she has found with you.
    Each day will bring more trust and she will ease into your household bit my bit! That is what happened with Lucy and Henry.

    Hugs to you all!


  5. Sophie is Adorable! I especially love that sweet little bent ear!
    Happy New Year!
    Sandra Evertson

  6. Sophie looks like she is going to be a very loving cat once she gets used to her new home. Before you know it she will be part of the family. We have had many cats and never had one yet who didn't eventually come around and be friends with the other cats who were there first! I love cats.

  7. There are four cats here at Rosemary Cottage -- each with their own looks and personality .... Sophie is just adorable and has such a sweet loving face -- how kind of you to offer her a loving home.

    Another Janet or Jan at Rosemary Cottage -- my first visit to your wonderful home -- but not my last! Just love your style! :)

  8. LOL Janet, I love her sweet little face. You can come peep in my house if you want. It's all cleaned up from the Christmas clutter (I mean decor) and ready for the New Year. :)

  9. Oh, she looks so sweet! I had a friend who had a huge, I mean huge fat cat who was so shy she would hide whenever he had visitors. We cat sat for him one time and it was just ridiculous seeing this huge cat hiding under a bed!


  10. Hi, Janet...oh, you are gonna love your calendar. The prettiest pictures of the prettiest collections.
    Oh, and I got another piece of M-C last night...come over to see my blog tomorrow, ok?
    Sophie is waaaay too cute! You will have her wrapped around your little finger in no time at all.....
    OR, visa versa, maybe???? lol
    hugs, bj

  11. Janet,
    First of all I came to check on you to see if you've recovered from your cooking frenzy - HA! And Sophie is just perfect. How very sweet!
    Happy New Year! Cheers!

  12. She's pretty cute, crooked ear and all.
    Have you been to my place yet? We're having a BD party.


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