Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Welcome to "What do you like best about your holiday home" party sponsored by Karla's Cottage. I am a latecomer to this party so don't have as many pictures as I would like, but figured "what the heck", may as well participate. Perhaps I am loosening up and being less paranoid about what people will think about my decor. That would be a miracle in and of itself since I am such a people pleaser LOL!!

Not the greatest picture, but I love this kitchen window. When we had the windows replaced last year I had a casement window put in to replace the old double hung sash window. Now I can just crank it open instead of standing in the sink to open it. I hung this garland and I will leave it up all winter. Looks winterish and not just Christmasy to me. I hung the wreath to get some balsam smell, but it dissipated almost immediately..now it just sheds needles.

I just bought this little tree at Joannes the other day. I found some small ornaments in my unused stash and tied a bow to the top. Originally I thought I might put it in my guest room for my son when he comes home for Christmas, but I rather like in the kitchen.

I found these at Joannes too and they were half price. They remind me of Jen at the Cottage Nest. Not sure why, but I think she would like them. In my house you can never have too many tins for cookies and fudge at Christmas.

I've never had a good home for this container before, but I like it here between the windows in my kitchen and it goes with the rest of my blue decor. This reminds me of Susie Q at Rabbit Run Cottage. I love that I have so many new friends from blogging!!

These tins are what my family likes best about our holiday home. They live on the top shelf at the far end of the kitchen for 50 weeks of the year, but when they come down it is a symbol that the baking has begun. The smaller one usually has peanut butter kisses in it and the big one sometimes has Mama Janet's homemade doughnuts in it. Not for long though!! Other times it is filled wih chocolate chip meringues.

An example of embellishing what you have for the holidays. This is supposed to be a bird bath, but it often gets called to decorating duty. I have pinecones of all sizes and shapes in it along with some pine and it just says Christmas. There is a pinecone garland over the mirror too, but when I tried to take a picture of the mirror all I got was me in my bathrobe in the mirror. Not the look I was going for, for sure.

This is the cloche I got at HomeGoods and decided to put some of my cards in it. The front one is from Clarice @ Storybook Woods.

I always have paperwhites blossoming at Christmas. I just love them and their strange smell. It just reminds me of the holidays. They are usually the only flowers I have, because it is often too cold to bring poinsettias home this time of year or I put them too close to a draft or water them too much and they look dreadful and very non-celebratory LOL.

This is the nativity scene that my parents had when I was growing up. I asked my Mom for it about 20 years ago and I have had it ever since. My grandparents had one just like it. It came from Woolworths in the 1940s and I remember going with my mother to Woolworths to replace one of the pieces when I was a little girl.

Writing about these decorations reminds me of some items that I haven't come across this year. Does that ever happen to you? After the holidays you find some things that didn't get put away and instead of taking the time to put them where they belong, you just put them somewhere where you are sure you will remember. It doesn't happen to you? Well, well, well... it will when you get to be a certain age, like maybe when that AARP letter arrives in the mail.

Perhaps tomorrow after I finally get new kitty to the vet, and my mercury glass acorns for the chandelier and pinecone garland for the fireplace arrive from Wisteria I will take some more pictures. Then I should be done and ready to start on the food, glorious food!!



  1. Your home looks warm and inviting. That creche (nativity scene) reminds me so much of the one we had in the 60's too! sweet.

  2. I love those tins! You are like me I have sooo many during the holidays so I can fill with homemade goodies! I hope you have a wonderful time with your son for Christmas!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Everything looks so lovely. I never thought of decorating with tins...may add some to my kitchen after Christmas. Diannhta

  4. Homemade doughnuts?? You're killin' me...you're really killin' me!

    Everything looks so inviting...those paperwhites are gonna be beautiful.

    Thanks for the peek...


  5. Your home looks so cozy and inviting!! Loved the nativity! Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the paperwhites! I've always wanted to do that!

  7. Everything looks so cozy. I love it! I remember Woolworth's. We used to go there all of the time. I can only imagine how precious your nativity is to you. I love all of the things my parents have passed down to me.

    And I love your plates in your kitchen! Stop by for some eggnog if you have the chance.


  8. Oh a party, oh dear I'm afraid I'll have to miss this one but have to say that your holiday home looks wonderful.

  9. No time for another party - used it up reading through your great posts!!
    Before I head for the hills...of cards waiting to be written...must say everything looks lovely in your home. Love the window change - I too have to balance on the sink to open the double hung which sticks - am thinking of doing what your've done!

    Ms. Kitty is to be a Mummy....wow what will you do? Hope so much she is healthy as she's adorable and will have pretty kittens I bet.

    Thanks again for sharing your travels and home - and for 'visiting' me when your schedule is so hectic.

  10. Love your holiday home with all the fun decor for Christmas. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the blog party FUN!

  11. You have such a lovely, warm home! and I love, love the blue and white!

    Thank you for inviting us into your home.

    xo, Andrea

  12. Love your home, Janet! Last year we lost our Christmas Star tree topper. No idea what happened to it. So, I had a glittery new one made of silk flowers, greenery, sparkling bows and I love it. I don't have a picture of it yet, I might need a ladder to accomplish that. Should've taken one before we put it on top of the tree.

    Thanks for sharing your photos!


  13. I love what you did at the kitchen window. I have never grown paper whites. I don't know why. They are so pretty and Christmasy. I am going to get my nativity out. I'm out of room but it really needs to be out for the true meaning of Christmas.
    Have a good one.

  14. oh love your blue dishes and tins,bunny and holly basket and well love what you shared for the tour!thank you!

  15. Everythign looks amazing in your home...very inviting! I love paperwhites as well.

  16. I love your holiday home with all
    your loveley decorationen.
    Best wishes from Germany

  17. I adore your little nativity scene. Your home looks so festive and inviting. Merry Christmas, Miss Sandy

  18. Your decorating is beautiful, don't know why you would be worried! Love the blue and white china. Merry Christmas and Blessings - Rachael:)

  19. Janet,

    Your home is absolutely beautiful (and your bulbs look FABULOUS)!

    Have a blessed day...

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  20. I am tryign to force my paperwhites to bloom as well, yours are way ahead of mine!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful cozy home and happy Holidays!

  21. Love your home. The blue and white is my fav.

  22. I love the birdbath idea! Very clever! Also - I don't know what it is about snow but I want to cook and nest inside too! Hope you don't get slammed too hard tonight with the snow storm!

  23. Janet, you house looks charming. I love all the blue and white touches and your little tree. xoxoxox Clarice

  24. Those tins are wonderful - I like the Joann's one too - they look so vintagey. The wreath looks lovely in your window. I love the paperwhites!


  25. Thank you for that lovely and enchanting holiday tour ! I am on the tour as well stroll by when you catch moment :)

  26. I too have a small collection of tins I plan on filling with goodies this Christmas. Thank you for sharing your home

  27. your house looks beautiful! my parents had the exact nativity set as yours did when I was growing up! My Mom gave it to me when we moved her into a assisted living. What memories...

  28. Oh Janet...I am a blue and white girl too. I love yours and all your little touches! Something else we share...my parents had the exact same nativity!
    Non still has it but someday it will be mine. It is a little shabby as I used to play with it as a child...silly huh? But it means so much to me. She says she got it at SS Kresge which was just like a Woolworths.

    I LOVE the bunny wall pocket...it looks perfect there and that it would remind you of me makes me so happy. You have been one of my blessings this year and I am so glad we have *met*!

    I love all your touches and your home would be a place I would feel so cozy and comfortable. It is is pretty...


  29. Oh, I love everything at your house! And those tins are perfect. You have sure made a festive, cozy home.

  30. Hello,
    I loved all your decorations, this was so much fun, thanks for having us, be sure and stop by for tea Pinkie Denise

  31. Great idea with the wreathe. I love them too, but I hate the needles.... Very nice decorations!
    Jen R


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