Wednesday, December 26, 2007


What ever possessed me to cook so much food? You just never know how much people will want to eat and let's face it most cookie recipes make several dozen, but still I had way too many cookies and desserts. I gave all the leftover lasagna to my oldest son, gave a bunch of sweets to my stepson and his girlfriend, but it just occurred to me that I still have half the Tiramisu left. Then there are dozens of cookies which Bob will hopefully take to work tomorrow. There is just a little tenderloin left and that is never a problem, we will eat it for lunch and dinner until it is gone and then revert to chicken and fish for a few days, LOL. Do you care about my leftovers? No. I am just rambling on to myself to make sure I don't lose track of food that should be eaten by someone.

Wasting food reminds me that there is a wonderful vocabulary site
that donates 20 grains of rice for each word that you get right. It is fun and addictive. I love vocabulary and think it is rather neglected in this abbreviated/texting world we live in. Go check out the site, I think you will like it. I tried to set it up on my sidebar, but didn't have any luck.

My son left for the airport at 4:00 AM today, it was so nice to have him here for two days, but how I wish he could have stayed just a little longer. I stayed up til he left and then couldn't get to sleep until about 5:00AM, so I am bushed and seem to be rather incoherent or maybe just scattered, so I will sign off and go to bed. Hopefully my brain will work better tomorrow.



  1. Oh I love leftovers! my family doesn't feel the same way though. I could eat the same thing day in and day out! Everyone is looking for "new food" today...sorry guys....still waaaayyyy toooo much stuff around here! Sorry your son had to leave so soon, but glad you got to see him!

  2. Leftovers are the best!
    We made lasagna too...home made pizzas, huge salads, breads, all manner of goodies, watched lots of movies, laughed and just hung out together at my brother's.
    I know you loved having your son home with you...

    I know your home was filled with great people and great food and great moments!

    You are a blessing to me.


  3. I care about your leftover Tiramisu!!! Oh, I really do.

    This is my first visit to your blog and here you are talking about my favorite dessert!

    I love the name of your blog.

    I'm putting you into my favs.
    Becky K

  4. Mmmmm....leftovers! :-) Glad you had a nice visit with your son, hope you have a Happy New Year!
    ~Angela :-)

  5. Your leftover sound wonderful...we didn't eat at home on Christmas so no leftovers this year...bummer.
    Enjoy your holiday. Dianntha

  6. Hi Janet. Isn't it fun having the kids home for Christmas? It's never long enough is it?
    I went to and found myself staying there much too long! I love word games! Hope you enjoy your leftovers. They are so good.
    I always enjoy reading your blog. Rhondi

  7. apparently i know lots of words because i got 42/43 of my first quiz correct! lots of rice. what a fun way not to vaccuum, plus help others! thanks for the freerice site!*

  8. Hi Janet,
    So glad you had a nice Christmas. I am soooo full from the last month of over eating. I think I could not eat for a week and still gain weight!

  9. I don't mind hearing about your leftovers. We traveled for Christmas so we don't have much at our house except cookies.....which we don't need. I will check out that website.

  10. Hi, Janet, I'm bj and very glad to meet you. I just read on someones blog that you quit smoking months ago and I just wanted to say "WAY TO GO, GIRL" That is a hugh accomplishment....I know, for I smoked for 40 years. I quit, with God's help, 5 years ago and never looked back. Easiest thing I've ever done in my entire life. And, I was the kind of smoker that could almost just EAT a cig. Thought NO one else in the whole world was as addicted as I know...the whole bit.
    So, a big congratulations to you! You did GOOD!
    hugs, bj

  11. Hey, Janet...thanks for stopping by. How nice of you to give the tea kettle to your friend. I can just imagine how thrilled she was!
    I am not certain but I think beautiful daughter ordered the catalog off M-C website. You might check and see. I can find out later in the day..... bj

  12. janet, i just pulled up and typed in 2008 calendar in Search and they still have some. In fact, they are 1/2 price so you might order one right away as they will sell out pretty quickly, I would think....
    Hope u get one!

  13. Gosh, I wish I were closer -- those leftovers look mighty tasty!


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