Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Phew, it has been a long, but fun day at Karla's party. Lots and lots of homes to admire and I had a lot of new visitors here to entertain. I hope they all enjoyed themselves and will come back often.

I took new kitty to the vet's today and what a good girl she was. No yowling in the car and quite cooperative with the vet. Seems she is probably 7 or 8 years old and NOT pregnant. Just another post-menopausal female to keep me company, about time I say!! Not sure why she is so "bloated", but I gave her some worming medicine and will take her back in a couple of weeks for the feline HIV and leukemia blood work. She was not THAT cooperative that the blood could be drawn today. The vet didn't have a tech today and try as I might to be helpful, I wasn't well enough trained to help. Bob has named her Sophie (did she have a choice??).

I got my mercury glass acorns today and hung them from my chandelier. It is not a curvy fixture, so I'm still not happy, but will try some greens to soften it a bit. The pine cone garland is quite glittery; more than I had anticipated. That is hung on the fireplace, but doesn't show up real well against the ugly brick. I've been tempted to paint that brick for 16 years, but just haven't done it. There are too many painting projects around the house without adding that one.

We are supposed to get snow starting in the afternoon with 6"-10" inches anticipated thru the early evening. It will certainly be pretty, but makes for a nasty commute for those who must be out and about, like Bob. I think I will make a quick trip to TJMaxx/Homegoods early and then come home and cook. I always cook when it snows and usually feel compelled to make bread. Must be some take on the "make hay while the sun shines" proverb.

In other news, Tracey at A Cottage Industry is hosting a virtual House Tour next Wednesday, so I guess I will have to keep the house picked up and clean until those guests have toured. Must keep those tins filled with cookies and goodies too. Tracey has the most fabulous house and the most creative ideas and is so energetic and fun. I know you will enjoy the tour.



  1. Janet, thank you for your sweet note! DH and I got a big laugh out of the "testosterone temple"! I have added you to my list so that I can visit you often...I love your blog!

    xoxo, Andrea

  2. So glad Sophie's okay...and how nice that she will be able to identify with everything womanly! She's lucky to have ended up with you guys...give her a scratch from Jake & Woody, her FL buddies.. ;)


  3. I posted too soon...I meant to add that I'm glad your kittycat is ok (I can empathize with her, too!). I hope that you all don't get too much snow...that's it's just enough to be pretty! :)

  4. Thought I'd drop in, don't eat much, beside I've eaten so much, from Karla's party visiting all these beautiful homes with all there yummy foods, I'm glad your kitty cat is fine, I love the view in your kitchen, and all the willow set around it, I love blue, your home is very beautiful.

    Thank-you so much for letting me have a little looksy,
    Merry Christmas to you.

    Adeline Country Cottage.

  5. Glad kitty is o.k.! You're expecting a lot of snow! Time to get cozy!


  6. you got a break, and so did sophie. good for both of you!! i have enjoyed janet's doughnuts, and assure all readers it is fun to be at janet's when she is baking! love the tour!

  7. I love all of Tracey's ideas! can't wait to go on the tour...

  8. I'm glad your new kitty is OK.
    6-10 inches, holy smokes. That's a lot of snow. We are not expecting snow until this weekend and certainly not that much.

  9. Oh sweet Sophie! I think a nice menopausal girl is just what you need. Our Lucy is just over 5 but is rather plump..she and i are so much alike. Ahem. It is nice to have a comrade in arms.
    She is quite a lucky kitty, especially with the snow coming! So far we just have rain but are to get some snow this weekend.
    Stay warm and safe...what is it about snow and the nesting instinct? I need a clean house and something to cook and bake. It just tickles me o death for some reason. But then one of us has to get out and all that joy goes bye bye.

    I am sure it will be pretty though!

    I missed Karla's tour! I am so embarrassed. I am signed up for BooMamas and this one looks wonderful! It is so much fun!


  10. Glad Sophie is okay...our little "friends" can be such a worry sometimes. I'm thinking everyone in our tri-state area is using the acorn mercury glass ornaments...I started looking for them early, and none are to be found! Love the look, though, and hope to score some for next year.


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