Sunday, December 9, 2007


The house tour /day in Newburyport was fun, but oh so unorganized:>). Take three pre/post menopausal women, 2 with ADD, throw in a late start and a visit with some of my friend's relatives and you have a fun time, but not necessarily the day you had planned.

We only saw four houses and they were nothing to write home about as my mother would say. I kept forgetting to take pix because we were too busy gabbing. There were 8 houses on tour, but 3 were in a neighboring town and we didn't have time to go find them. We had a great lunch of seafood chowda, did quite a few shops and Sherry got to visit her aunt and cousin who had moved to Newburyport. The pictures I took are lost on the computer somewhere. Hopefully I can ind them some other time!!!

The vet never showed up and called tonight to make her apologies. Tomorrow I will bring the cat to her, instead of waiting for her to come here. My latest theory about the cute little thing ( her picture is locked in the computer also) is that he is a she and a pregnant she. Would explain the belly, the appetite and the sensitivity to being picked up...sore boobies I am thinking. I will let you know the rest of the saga tomorrow after the visit.

Got to go to bed before I get any more upset with myself for losing the pictures. Really they were here a few minutes ago, really.


  1. I am so late in visiting and I see you have a new addition! Hmmm..could Calvin be Calvinetta? But how sweet are you to take him/her in. Of course, this is how we have 2 kitties but they are so sweet and seem to appreciate it all. Henry IS a pill and I fear what he will do to the tree when it goes in this week. He has been a little devil with everything else!

    Keep us posted on the kitty. Sure is a cutie and seems to like you a lot! I can hear the purring from here!


  2. Even though the house tour was a bust and all didn't go as planned, sounds like you enjoyed the day!

    I'll be waiting for the kitty update...


  3. I love hearing your adventures! The house tour sounds like it was a hoot despite the chaos. And I'm dying to know about the he/maybe she kitty!
    ~Angela :-)

  4. Oooh Kitty Babies! How fun :-) Can't wait to hear about the results of her vet visit. Have the Best of Days....Rosie

  5. I thought your kitty was probably a pregnant "she" when you talked about the belly. That's probably why she was dropped off.
    Let us know what the vet says.


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