Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Welcome to today's Virtual Holiday Home Tour. I have some new pictures and some new refreshments. Won't you please come in out of the frosty weather? Oh dear, where are my manners, perhaps you should come around to the side door.

Oh yes, this is much better, don't let that wreath snag you. I like my wreaths to be "organic", but sometimes people find them to be a bit threatening!!

Well come right in, don't worry about your shoes, we are not very formal here and if the loor gets dirty I will just mop it later after all the company is gone.

Oh yes, this is the kitchen, it is the room where all the magic happens. Not just at Christmas, but all year long Mama Janet is busy cooking wonderful made from scratch food for whoever comes by at meal time. Sorry about those bottles of pills on the windowsill, I meant to put them away before my guests arrived. Of course, if I put them away I won't remember to take them and when you reach a certain age ( and weight) you just have to take meds!!

Oh yes, take a peek into the dining room before we settle in. It's not a big room, but I do think it is rather a pretty room and the round table really suits the size and scale. You agree? That's so nice of you to say.

Yes, we New Englanders are quite frugal, we are known for it actually. Cutting greens from your yard is a great way to make a centerpiece for the table. I plan to add cranberries to the vase in a couple of days. I am not sure how long they will last, so I want to err on the side of caution.

Yes, close up you can see the mercury glass ornaments from Target and those delightful pine cones that look like roses. We don't have those here; they were imported from Washington State. Clarice sent them to me and I just love them.

The chandelier gets a touch of class with my new acorn ornaments and a few greens. Cute, huh?

Oh yes, I have been collecting blue and white dishes of all sorts for many years and a few of them have ended up on that shelf over the desk. The nativity scene belonged to my parents and I have never known Christmas without it. It always goes on the desk where cats won't jump up and knock it over. Oh dear, you're not allergic are you??

I think we should head into the Living Room before the tea gets cold. I've got a nice fire going to keep my guests toasty warm. Ooh, I almost forgot to show you my one little glitter house. Quite cute and I love the "For Sale" sign that I found for it. What Realtor could resist buying that sign??

Won't you sit and have some tea. I've made some of my Christmas meringues. This is my most requested Christmas
recipe; everyone seems to love them. Milk or sugar, oh dear I am so forgetful I forgot the lemon. None for you, my you are just being polite I am sure. Meringue?

Just sit and relax. have a look around the Living Room. It isn't fancy, but we like it. We don't have a family room so all our living is done here.

Yes, the tree is very faux, but you know it is sooo very easy to put up and the best part is that it is pre-lit. I LUV that!!
Did you bring some sheet music for your favorite carols?. We could sit around the Pump Organ and sing. Wait a minute, I have to go get the buckets. You know, buckets, like pails. Yes, that is what I use to carry tunes LOL. I will be right back with them. I keep them hidden because they don't "go" with my decor.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it. I am glad you came. If you are quiet, you can sneak upstairs and see Cooper and Chloe , the shy kitties who haven't been seen on the blog. Just be very quiet, they are very skittish around strangers.

This one is Chloe. She sleeps on my bed most of the day. A girl needs her beauty rest, don't you know??
This is Cooper, Chloe's brother. Don't they look alike? Cooper is the guard cat that stays awake to protect me from any vermin that might want to attack me. At least that is what Bob seems to believe.

Thank you for visiting me. If you would like to see more holiday pictures, please refer back to the tour that I posted last Wednesday. I am exhausted now after playing the "two faces of Eve", I don't know how anyone could portray all three faces.



  1. Love the greens, love the dishes, love the meringues. Love it all! And, you can only use that tune bucket if you promise to give it back to me when you're done...

    I've completed my Tag assignment...

    Merry Christmas to you, too!


  2. Loveliness everywhere, Janet! Your house just looks so welcoming as you walk up to it! I love it.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ooooh, Janet, I'm going to sneak in some night and take those Hitchcock chairs! LOL

    Loved all your natural decorations, and of course your beautiful blue and white china!

    Thanks for the tour! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Hi, Janet, what a fun tour! I love all your fresh greens & mercury glass pieces. I'm on the lookout for more of that this year to & have snagged a few at Kohls. I will be going out the day after to get some deals.

    Your whole house is very welcoming, thanks for the tour!


  5. Oh, and aren't those rose pinecones just the neatest things?! I had a friend from Ca send me some & I just love them.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the pics of your wonderful home. It has been a wonderful time...so inviting...May I come back next year? Enjoy the season of miracles! Dianntha

  7. You home is so warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing....


  8. Your home looks just fabulous! Love your decor and your kitties.

  9. Thanks for the tea and meringues.

    Loved the tour!

  10. Janet what a fun tour and your house is lovely. I am glad you enjoy the pinecones xoxoxo Clarice

  11. Beautiful home! I love, love, love your kitchen window, pill bottles and all!!

  12. good morning. loved the tour. felt like i was in your house!! i almost could smell the greens. was ready to sit on the couch and enjoy the fire, or sit at the table and see my face in the ornaments while i had tea. i love seeing the snow. i have fond memories of snow shoveling, or others shoveling my snow...

  13. I want to come for a real visit! Love the fresh greenery, my favorite thing to do too, Merry Christmas, Theresa

  14. Good morning Janet - Thank you for leaving a post on my blog. I have run over for a little peek at your beautiful home and after I get off work I'll post more comments. Love your house.


  15. Janet your house is so welcoming! Love those door colors - I painted my backdoor a similar color! Cute santa collection and your glitter house with the for sale sign is just perfect! Mostly I love all the fresh greens you've used! Thanks for the tour!

    Merry Christmas!


  16. Janet, thanks for the wonderful, inviting post. I feel so welcomed. Loved all your pictures. I also have a collection of blue-white pottery/porcelain. I love all that kind of thing. Your house is just gorgeous. I'm supposed to be writng Christmas cards, but I'm visiting instead.

    Thanks for the tea and meringues.

  17. Janet,
    oooo I so enjoyed the tour of your lovely home, thank you so much, the meringue's were just perfect. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

  18. Hi Janet - I'm enjoying the tour and seeing all your lovely Christmas decorations - you've done a wonderful job. Lucky you (well that's what we say down here in the dry South!!) having all that snow - of course I know from living in New England 12 years - it's not always fun!!
    Cooper and Chloe are adorable - I love black kitties...well any kitties really, altho' I no longer have one.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  19. Janet, your house is absolutely charming! From the beautiful blue door to your blue transferware, I love it all! The natural elements are wonderful, and everything is so cozy and festive. Those dining room chairs are fabulous! You have a lovely, lovely home!

    xo, Andrea

  20. Okay. Now. Who was it that said they were worried that their home would not live up to the others? Hmmm??? Couldn't have been you because YOUR home is gorgeous. I love it. I love your blue and white, your greens and glass acorns and ornaments and tree and colors and kitties and those Hitchcock chairs which I will borrow now and forget to return. Beeeyoooteeful.
    Your home just says warmth and welcome. That and "Please Sue, do take these chairs with you!" Okay, so I made that last part up but still...

    Your writing also made me smile...you are a hoot.

    And that blue door and the wreath...SO pretty.

    Okay, rambling now...must go...stop annoying Janet.


  21. Oh Janet, it looks fantastic! It's so charming. I especially love your front door.
    ~Angela :-)

  22. Janet,
    Loved your home, especially the mercury glass ornaments and greenery in the dining room, just lovely. Thanks for inviting us in to have a peek
    Merry Christmas

  23. Hi Janet,
    Your home is lovely~ Thank you for the tour!

  24. Hi Janet I love your home. It is comfortable and inviting. I collect blue & white china too and have some of the same pieces you have. I bet people love to be invited to your home. Merry Christams. Rhondi

  25. I am late in taking your holiday tour but I really enjoyed it. I, too, have a little, very faux, prelit Christmas tree and LUV it! All my life, I've fought with large, to the ceiling trees, trying to get enuf lights on without blowing all kinds of fuses, trying to lug it up to the attic when the season is over. About 2 yrs ago, it was time to purchase a new, faux tree and I saw this little one, almost like yours. I fell in love and will never go back to the hard work of a hugh tree.
    I also collect blue and white dishes and have for YEARS......I have quite a collection of vintage German cannister sets which I will post one day.
    hugs, bj

  26. your front door is such a great color! evrything is so pretty!


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