Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay, I think I have found the pictures, still on the memory card. I am a visual learner and no matter how many times I am told how to do something, I need to have it written down. Very frustrating when Bob just tells me " you will get it in time". No I won't unless it is written down step by step!!!.

This is the new ( or possibly "slightly used") kitty. She loves to sleep under my feet while I blog.

This is the first house on the Newburyport House Tour. Very impressive outside and a great, but small, kitchen with one of those glass door fridges. Hard to keep neat, but very impressive for a tour, LOL.

Some houses that weren't on tour, but caught my eye.

My friends liked all the colors on this house. It's hard to see, but the door is a beautiful blue with the terra cotta and the green trim. Unexpected, but fun!

I love how the pumpkins are still over the door and the color of the house juxtaposed with the color of the pumpkins! And really, the earth was not tilting on its axis, just me trying to take pictures and walk at the same time. You should see what happens when I try to add chewing gum to the routine, LOL.

Some nice second floor windowboxes.

On this note, I really must get my act in gear and do something other than sit at the computer. It is the grayest day imaginable and must be a good day to do some cooking or something before I bundle new kitty up in the carrier and drive her to the vets. And yes, to those who asked, my vet does make house calls. Her practice is called "Veterinary Housecalls" and she travels. It is a great convenience when you have multiple animals. We try to keep them all on the same examination/vaccination schedule so she only comes once a year. She has a small "surgery" in her home where she does the spaying etc. and that is where we are going today. It is a little cheaper if you go there, plus I just want to know all I can about this little kitty.

I'll fill you in later.


  1. Hi Janet. I love that first house!! Wouldn't want to have to be responsible for keeping it painted though! I just wanted to let you know I changed the name of my blog. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. My goodness, the gingerbread on that first house is so beautiful. And as crazy as the colors are, I love those too! I know what you mean about those glass door fridges. They fascinate me, but in reality there is no way I want people seeing my old food and fridge spills. :)

  3. All the houses are beautiful but I'm drawn to the white house with the red door (wonder why - smirk)!


  4. That last photo with the gorgeous blue absolute favourite!!


  5. What great photos and I love the kitty. That is my favorite color for a cat. i have had one for over 13 years and each time I would get that color.that is until my favorite big Tom got out and got ran over.He had become a father when he got ran over and there was calico out of the whole bunch. I choose that one..I do think she ran around with the milkman because neither were calico lol.

  6. Just beautiful homes. The red one is stunning. Clarice

  7. Hi Janet, what a great house tour! I love all the houses, especially the one with the pumpkins!

    If you want to participate in the party tomorrow, just post your photos in the morning and leave a comment on Karla's blog to let her know you're joining. Make sure you give her your blog address so she can provide a link to you.

    Her address is:


  8. Hi Janet,

    Thanks so much for the fun tour of great homes!! Beautiful colors, like Manuela, I love the white house with the red door too!
    xo Lidy

  9. Oh what glorious homes!!! This is one of the things I adore about your part of the country. What a tour!!!

    I love your phrase, "Slightly used kitty"...we have 2 of those pre-owned felines! I think your sweetie is quite pretty, I do love her markings.


  10. Pretty kitty. I love those house exteriors. The colors are fabulous. I always thought I'd like a glass door fridge but then I thought, NOT! I'd have to clean it more often and that's not gonna happen. LOL
    Have a good one.

  11. Hi Janet,
    Those houses are lovely! I just love older homes. I had glass kitchen cabinet doors really have to use them for display only :-)


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