Friday, December 14, 2007


Just a couple of pictures to show you what Mother Nature sent us. Remember the "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature ads? I don't even remember what the ads were for, some kind of artificial spread no doubt. But old Mom Nature was obviously not very happy with some of us. We ended up with 11", more than we have had at one time for a couple of years, and everyone got out of work early to head home , making the commute a nightmare. Last night we(I) shoveled and Bob snow blew the driveway. This morning, before he left for work, he asked me to scrape the rest of the snow from the driveway. What he failed to mention was that the metal strip on the snow shovel was gone. Those of you not familiar with snow shovels should know that there is a metal edge to them that helps scrape the snow up from the asphalt. No metal strip, long and tiring scraping with a less than stable plastic edge.
To those of you that think snow is an abstract romantic ground cover, this is the edge of my street. Snow in his condition is like driving in lard. If you are too young to remember lard, it is rendered animal fat that we used to fry donuts in. Good stuff ( until we figured out that eating the fat of animals was not in our best interest health-wise, thus the saying "lard-ass"), but not great to drive in. So the plows came along and deposited this lard here:

at the edge of the driveway I had just spent an hour scraping down to blacktop. This stuff is very wet, from the salt they treated the street with prior to the storm, and very HEAVY!! Sometimes when you shovel it to the pile on the edge of the driveway it rolls back into the road and you have to shovel the same 10 lb per square inch mass again. It took 45 minutes to get this crap out of the driveway.

On the bright side, my chandelier basket arrived from Kari and Kijsa today and it is beautiful. It is one of my Christmas presents so I can't use it yet, but go to their blog and you will see the first 14 of 24 uses they have for it. If you don't know them you should run, not walk, over there to meet them. They are oh so clever girls , a lot of fun and they have the BEST taste.

Tomorrow night my office Christmas party at a local restaurant followed by a storm, possibly sleet and freezing rain for 12 -15 hours. Sure sounds like a lovely Sunday. I am thinking that grocery shopping is NOT a good idea.



  1. Janet,
    Oh my so much snow, and it can be a real pain in the buns! It's so pretty though.

  2. Since I've never lived with snow and only been in it a few times, I will continue to keep the first picture you posted in my head as the way snow always is! I don't envy you scraping down the street, but it sure is purty!!


  3. Hi Janet,
    I know when you live with the snow it is not so great.....but it looks beautiful to me! I used to live in upstate NY near Buffalo and remember the snowy winters!

  4. Wow, you got alot! We just got ice on Thursday, and we're getting a little snow/sleet tonight. Ick.

    I hate it when you've just done the end of the driveway, and the plow comes along and makes a mess again!

  5. Hi Janet. Seeing that snow makes me glad we no longer live in Canada! People who have never experienced snow try to romanticize it. Keep safe warm and cosy inside if you can!

  6. I love your description of "lard-like" true. You get the little wiggle in the rear end of your car while driving. Since I'm basically on my own (mere months away from being an empty nester)I've been researching good locations to wind up my work career and retire to. Good weather is a priority. I'm not a fan of snow! Take care of yourself!

  7. Oh, snow, lovely snow. I know, it is a pain, but I just dream of having SOME!

    Have fun at your party, if you get to go!


  8. Our computer modem went out yesterday and my husband just got it replaced a while ago. I was going nuts w/o my e mail and blogging. In the mean time we also got a bunch of snow that had to be plowed.
    Hope you had a good day.

  9. Oh Janet, I do hope you are staying warm. I cracked up at your comment about snow being a romantic ground cover. Funny!

  10. Yeah, it's all fun and games until the power goes out. I HATE snow when it causes me to play cards by candle light. I get crazy, playing games on my cell phone but then realizing that I wont be able to recharge it. That happened to us on Saturday night, it was very weird. Hope your Christmas party goes well.

  11. You got sooooo much snow! Yikes! I'm not fond of snow. That's why we moved from NY to Georgia!


  12. I knew you have been getting all of this yuck and I had been thinking about you. We got lucky I guess. They had predicted 8 inches of snow mixed with lots of ice. Only about 3 inches of snow and a little ice came. It is pretty IF you do not need to go out.
    But it is awful out!
    I hope the rest of your week will be better weather careful and stay safe.
    Love and hugs,

  13. I hope you are staying out of the cold and are nestled up inside enjoying your wonderful holiday decor?!?!? I'm over the snow and ice since we have had nasty weather I can totally relate!!!
    Merry Chstistmas!!!!!!!


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