Monday, December 17, 2007


I am feeling a little down about Christmas today. Not sure why, just can't seem to get my a** in gear to start baking etc. I was thinking about things that I used to watch before Christmas that always got me "in the mood". Do you remember the Maxwell House commercials where they spirited the neighbor ( was it Margaret Hamilton, the wicked witch) out of her house and then decorated it? Made me cry every time. Or the ad where the son, Peter, came home from college late at night to surprise his parents and little sister? I am a sap for these rather maudlin displays of Yuletide nostalgia.

Back in the late seventies there were two, I think, Made for TV movies called The Gathering ( and the sequel had a similar name) starring Ed Asner, I can't remember the female lead's name (it wasn't Sada Thompson or Maureen O'Hara), but I can see her clear as a bell. Anyway the story was a family drama that took place at Christmas as Ed Asner is dying and wants to reconcile with his sons. More tearjerkers!!

Lastly there was a movie, again made for TV. Yes, you are right I don't go to the Cinema more than once a decade, but I do enjoy a movie while perched/draped on my couch with a fire and some wine. This movie was/is called "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and starts Hal Holbrook and Eva Marie Saint. It takes place in Marblehead Mass during WWII. This is sad and poignant and once again it will make you cry, but the house is wonderful. A typical upper middle class suburb with a beautiful colonial house. Worth watching or the house alone.

What about the movie with John Houseman and Michael Learned about a choir, that was a good one. The Christmas Wife with Julie Harris and Jason Robards. That one had great decorating with lots of blue and white.

Okay, I've got that off my chest now and perhaps I will feel a little cheerier. You know you are getting old when you start thinking along the lines of "they don't make'em like they used to.


Edited to add: Maureen Stapleton. And the movie is available on VHS for $250., someone has to be kidding!!! Also "A Christmas Without Snow" is the Michael Learned movie. I feel better at least knowing the titles and that I could view them if I had time and money to order them. Maybe I could put them on my birthday list and watch them next year. Who am I kidding I haven't even watched Christmas in Connecticut yet.!! LOL


  1. Cheer up girl, it's Christmas. Do you need some Schnapps for your hot chocolate? Will that help?

  2. Janet, I'm sorry you're a little down today! I sometimes can get that way, too, especially when the season feels a bit overwhelming. I hope that you find that second wind soon! :) it's always just around the corner!

    Love, Andrea

  3. Janet,
    Ok you got me a little down with this post- ha! I'm here now ready to get you up and ready for some holiday cheer!

  4. I think I remember the Ed Asner one! and OH YES! Those maxwell house commercials! THe one where the mom wakes up and smells the coffee (LOL) and says PETER! oh yes, definitely a choker upper. but I cry at dogfood commercials so that maxwell house one is a given.

  5. If you want a tearjerker of a Christmas movie, try Prancer (it is fairly old) and One Magic Christmas. You'll get your tears out and be ready to enjoy the holiday!
    I caught my finger in the door last night and literally cried like a child...sobbed actually, on my husband's shoulder, and I suspect my tears were more about stress than pain, although it did hurt like h*ll!!

    I hope you are feeling happier soon. Take care,

  6. I hope that today is a better day...I
    so get this too. I miss the family not here and the friends who are helps that Grace is so INTO it all and we have Brady to delight us. That helps. Otherwise it would be tougher some days. I love the old tear jerkers too...oh those Maxwell House commercials...they still show the "Peter's Home!" one sometimes.
    I miss the Norelco electric razor Santa one they always had too...

    Just add a little something to your egg nog and watch Christmas Story and you will feel better.

    Sending hugs...

    LOVED the list too..



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