Thursday, November 15, 2007


Everywhere I look there are cloches, not the french hats that were once so chic, but the glass "bells" used to highlight an objet or deux. The one I bought is 16" tall and 7 5/8 " in diameter. Now what do I do? I don't have a base for it, plus it is on the tall side already. I need to put it up on something high so the cats don't knock it over and break it. I am stymied as to what to put under it and what to display where.

Here is the challenge. Comment with your ideas or if you like, post pix on your blog of your cloche in all its finery. I know I will find inspiration from your ideas. Not only will you be helping me, but there may be others with cloches without a clue. The picture above is from eBay somewhere and is not a good indication of the look I am after.

Thanks in advance for your participation,



  1. One cloche I have has some stacked vintage teacups underneath, one has a little nest w/bird and one I'm planning to put a tinsel tree or Santa under. Cake stands work really well for a base if you want to elevate it.


  2. Oh I love my cloches. I change them all the time but here is what I have been doing of late

    by the way thank you for my lovely card
    xoxoxox Clarice

  3. Hi Janet! Oh so nice to meet you and I am glad that you had a chance to enter my giveaway just in time. I love your blog name! I used to run at night and peer into the homes on my running route. Loved that! Sometimes I'd back up just to get a second glance.

    Love your cloches! I have older posts about what I put under mine..just about anything cute that will fit. Manuela has done some fun things, too. I use an old cake plate for a base or a pretty plate - whatever fits and coordinates with the arrangement. They are a lot of fun!


    PS: I am adding you to my list, if that is okay with you.

  4. I don't have a cloche. Everyone else seems to, but if I ever feel I must have one, I'll have to come to you for advice! Once you get it all figured out!


  5. I love cloches! Here are some thoughts...

    Where to place:
    • Place on a pile of vintage books
    • Set on a cake pedestal or a pretty vintage plate or a stack of plates
    • Place on top of gathered fabric, textured place mats, stacked vintage linens, or doilies
    • Use a wood cutting board, natural fibers or reeds, or bamboo beneath the cloche

    Items to showcase in a cloche:
    • Miniatures
    • A live plant to create a mini terrarium
    • Collections of things that stand up, such as chopsticks in a cast iron teapot and a dried branch of blooms; a clear glass jar of hotel silver or vintage silverware
    • A trio of 3 small things with 3 different heights
    • Favorite magazines rolled up and tied with beautiful ribbons

  6. I put lots of things under mine.
    Birds nests
    Xmas ornaments
    Photo frames

    :) Nan

  7. Hi Janet,
    Right now I have my childrens silver baby cups underneath. You can see a picture by looking at this link:
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Janet,
    I have been wanting to buy one too. I love seeing birdnests inside them.

  9. I did a post about this on my blog back in July. You can see it here:

  10. I think that link I just did is too long. If you go to my archives - July 07 and scroll down, I did the post on July 5th.

  11. Hi Janet, Love your cloches! I love Manuela's idea about the teacups and bird nest. very cute! Now I'm jealous!! lol! I don't have any cloches.... I must get some! lol!

    Pattie :)

  12. I love that you have one!! I am betting you will love playing with it!
    I change mine often but have one with silk Fall leaves and faux mini pumpkins now.

    I also have one that sits on a cake plate and has tiny English treasures under it.

    I just know you will enjoy it, especially during the holidays!


  13. I love cloches! I love to see them set on a cake stand with a glittered house underneath, sitting on a bed of faux, glittered snow. Magical!!


  14. Janet...

    Thanks for your post about cloches on my blog. (You are also entered in my Giveaway! Yea!)

    You mentioned the expense of cloches... This might amuse you, but I don't have a cloche yet. I want one and because I teach workshops, I have done my homework and creative thinking. However, they just don't fit into my budget when it comes time to buying one. I did recently invest in a beautiful, tall glass pedestal jar! They, too, have infinite possibilities!

    Tootles, KJ

  15. I so need one of those! I have two small ones, but they remind of cheese platter covers......LOL
    I would put anything you want under them. I love it when people put a nest or something from the garden under them. Little houses are cute too.

  16. Wow! These gals are amazing and they stole all my ideas......just kidding!
    Know you won't have any problem now knowing what to display - great ideas. I have one on the front porch with a chickadee nest complete with an egg that didn't hatch with the others - stands on a pretty plate.
    Have fun deciding as you play!

  17. What fun...we love cloches...we have one right now with a pedestal with a glittered pumpkin on top of it!

    Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  18. Oooh, very lovely! Just about anything can be displayed in one :)

  19. Hey, it's almost Christmas time. . . how about a mini Christmas Tree? I have a mini nativity under one of mine and a mini Christmas tree under the other.

    Just stumbled upon your blog from Tracey's. Glad I did.




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