Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Essence of Christmas

I came across this poem while looking thru a stack of recipes. It was in a Christmas Helps magazine from 1990. The poem is by Solveig Paulson Russell and was reprinted with permission of her daughter Brenda Russell.

A holiday poem to recite and remember:


It's Christmas time at our house,
Anyone could tell,
Even if you couldn't see
You'd know it by the smell.

There's fragrant air adrifting
That's loaded with good sniffs
Of gingerbread and popcorn
And baking cookie whiffs.

The kitchen's full of odors
Of pudding, steam and cake
And lots of other goodies
My mother likes to make.

There's an aroma from the greens too,
That mingles with the rest,
But if the truth were really told
I like food fragrance best.

For I think the Christmas bouquet
Is a treat that's hard to beat
With its tantalizing promise
Of things we're going to eat.

I am thinking that I should make each of the boys recite this before they get any Christmas treats!!


  1. Oh I love this. It so evokes Christmas. Clarice

  2. Mmmm! We can get a hint of the yummy smells already! What a sweet thought on Christmas!!

    kari & kijsa


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